Tired of Muslim Doublespeak Yet?

The hypocrisy of the Muslim community is coming to the forefront once again, but this time more Americans are taking notice. For several weeks Muslims across the country have jumped on the Ferguson and NYC bandwagon, trying to cling to the black community’s coat tails. Never let a crisis go to waste.  But on Saturday Dec 20 2014, that’s all biting them in the back end.

(Message from coward killer)


A very outspoken Muslim woman from NYC, Linda Sarsour, quickly embraced the protests, making them her own comparing them to Palestine and the plight of those living in Gaza. Sarsour led many protests across the boroughs, professing louder and louder no justice no peace and black lives matter. Well, today if Sarsour could climb under a rock, she should. You see a  coward black Muslim man, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley executed 2 NYPD officers today, apparently as revenge for the killing of 2 black men killed by police. The same police Linda Sarsour and other “peaceful” Muslims spewed hatred about.   The back peddling is typical.


sarour on not about indivd cops




SO much for that statement.

Statements like these are just as hideous, either you stand for no violence at all or its meaningless


700 miles south of NYC, Nashville native Drost Kokoye, now attending college at UTK has helped fuel this anti cop mindset as well.

drost on cop training

How can such a young woman that came to America to escape treacherous conditions be so hateful of everything America? Perhaps anger management is appropriate for someone with this rage inside.



SO where is CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) as of right now their website contains absolutely nothing on this tragedy.

cair website


From the administration in the White House, to the thief Al Sharpton, coward Mayor Bill Deblasio and traitor Eric Holder, lawlessness has been embraced and nurtured and passed along to those that call themselves activists.

Protests and chants like the one below add fuel to this fire and not one of the above “leaders” called for an end to this rhetoric. Enough is enough. America is finally awakening to the doublespeak of those that claim to be peaceful.

The sleeping giant known as true Americans is finally awakening.





Cathy Hinners




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