Obama Snuggles with Nashville’s Ikwhan

Something very significant occurred in Nashville TN on December 9 2014. What was a routine visit from Barack Obama to Caza Afrazan on immigration issues, was also a chance for the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot, AMAC ( American Muslim Advisory Council) to meet as well.

Since Governor Haslam is aligned with Obama’s ideology on so many  issues, common core, amnesty, refugee resettlement and promoting Islamists, it seemed logical he would meet leaders of AMAC. In 2011 Haslam approved and legitimized this group when he partnered Tennessee’s Dept of Safety and Homeland Security for training. His director of HS, Bill Gibbons was so thrilled of this pairing he penned this letter

gibbons letter

The pairing of a group whose board and members have direct ties with MB organizations should have you jumping out of your seat. AMAC’s current board is led by  Mohamed Shukri Hassan of Somalia.


Most notably is Drost Kokoye, the Muslim activist that led pro Palestine-Hamas , anti Jew rallies this summer and is now leading the Ferguson and Garner protests in Knoxville. Another gem that missed out on the prez’s visit to her old stomping ground was Remziya Suleyman, former director of the ACO ( American Center for Outreach). But, not to worry, her brother the Metro Nashville police officer was there.

remziya on her brother meeting obama

Pictured here are Zulfat Suara of AMAC, Rasheed Farkhuddin, of the Islamic Center of Nashville, Mohammed Shukri, Director of AMAC, and Officer Suleyman.

Tennesseans take note, these are the people that are involved in training law enforcement through out the state. Yes, they look like jolly folks, but their ideology and agenda is not so jolly.  Is the training of our law enforcement by groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood what we want for the men and women that are sworn to uphold our laws? Remember, Muslims must follow the beliefs of their prophet  Muhammad.  Muhammad believed the only laws were those of Allah, not those that are man made. SO I ask you, how is it then, Mr. Suleyman is able to enforce our laws when his prophets  teachings tells him he cant.




Cathy Hinners




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