Another Two Faced, “Peaceful” Muslim Stirs It Up In Knoxville

Nashville should be glad Muslim activist Drost Kokoye took her grade school politics and her “peaceful religion” to Knoxville. Her  anti everything antics are  surfacing at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, but yesterday her antics should have her being arrested. Kokoye, known for her pro Palestine/Hamas, anti Jew, Anti American rhetoric,  led a protest that urged students to walk out of their classes to  protest the plight of the Blacks and “browns” ( new term for Arabs).  In doing so she led the group to an intersection, where traffic was halted and then re-routed for over 45 minutes. ( )


While she pretended to be a real activist,  a real KPD cadet was hit by a vehicle as he attempted to divert traffic away from the protest. Enough already.  The idiotic idea that inconveniencing others is the way to make a point is juvenile and now causing harm. Sorry fellow law enforcement, but its time to do the job. If they aren’t stopped now, it will only continue to spiral out of control. Ms. Kokoye has no respect for law enforcement, especially if you are white.  Actually Ms.Kokoye has no respect for anyone.


Funny,  for such a hardline activist Ms. Kokoye also speaks out of both sides of her big mouth. In a tweet regarding thanksgiving she says this:

drost tweet on thanksgiving

However she doesn’t exactly follow her own rules. Here Ms.Kokoye is pictured around a fabulous Thanksgiving feast, obviously not “rejecting” anything.


So, Ms. Kokoye, while you scold other Muslims about Thanksgiving, you actually celebrate it yourself.

Real activists practice what they preach.





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One Response to Another Two Faced, “Peaceful” Muslim Stirs It Up In Knoxville

  1. asma says:

    She’s a hypocrit and typical of the red/green alliance.

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