CAIR Finally Labeled What It Is..Terrorists

The designation of CAIR as a terrorist organization by the UAE has sent their leaders into a tizzy. Finally, they are being exposed for what and who they are,  yet, in a disturbing press conference, the US.State Department spokesman Jeff Rathkhe  would only state  they are  “seeking to gain more information on why” the UAE had included CAIR and the Muslim American Society (MAS) on the list.  Just last year the Muslim Brotherhood, which CAIR is  an arm of, was deemed a terrorist organization in several middle eastern countries as well.

Perhaps the administration including Holder’s Department of Justice should take a refresher on the Holy Land Foundation trial held in Dallas TX in 2007. The “Islamic charity” and its leaders were found guilty of funding terrorist organization’s such as Hamas. Several other Islamic organizations CAIR, ISNA ( Islamic Society of North America) MAS ( Muslim American Society) and the MSA (Muslim Student Association) were all named un-indicted co conspirators for their relation as front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood. Designating CAIR, MAS and the Muslim Brotherhood should be a no brainer for the Obama administration, except for one thing. He has brought several of those organizations into the White House and has filled several positions with members of those groups.

Not only are there Muslim Brotherhood members/supporters working within the federal government, they are working within states college campuses, high schools and local governments. Tennessee seems to be ground zero. One example of the infiltration in our public institutions is the presence of the Muslim Student Association ( aka Muslim Student Organization) at Tennessee Tech University.  The MSA is listed number 2 of Brotherhoods front groups in a document presented as evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial. (See  the Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto Arab & English ) The actual name of this document is ”  An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America”  It has never been disputed or denied by the group.

The MSA was founded in 1963 in Illinois. Its sole purpose is to provide platforms and opportunities for the Muslim to perform an obligation under Islam which is called Dawa. Dawa is the proselytizing of Islam. The goal being to raise awareness of Islam with the hopes others will convert.  They believe college campuses are fertile grounds for planting the seeds in the minds of our youth.

TN Tech was recently under fire for welcoming  a well known Muslim Brotherhood advocate , Eboo Patel, to speak on campus. Patel’s book, “Acts of Faith” was also required reading for incoming freshmen.  TN Tech also is home to a Muslim Student Organization and a Saudi Club.  TN Tech isn’t the only university in TN to have these clubs though, TSU,MTSU, Vanderbilt, and UTK also do.  UTK recently brought another Muslim Brotherhood supporter to its campus to speak on Sharia Law and the Constitution.  Sherman Jackson aka Abdul Hakim was brought to campus through the Siddiqui Lectures, which is operated by Nadeem Siddiqui, who has an unsavory background, including Medicaid Fraud.

A new trend, and an alarming one is Muslim Student Associations in High Schools. Planting seeds at an earlier age. Parents should know the Martin Luther King Magnet school in Nashville was the first in Middle TN. By now there are probably more, but  knowing the backlash, they are generally kept off lists of clubs.  MLK’s was founded  in  2013 by MTSU MSA member Asad Ansari and Rayan Osman, a junior at the school.   Through a FOIA request, the Metro Nashville administration claimed not to have knowledge of this organization, even though Mr. Ansari possesses a visitors pass, which is part of a record within the school.


mlk jummah

Prayer in MLK classroom high

Last year, CAIR launched a program called “Game Changers” in a California H.S . MIST ( Muslim Inter Scholastic Tornament) is involved in several high schools across the county including Nashville. Same CAIR, different names.



While it is the position of this administration that groups such as CAIR and the MSA are legitimate, it has been proven and  is well documented they hold the ideology and agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Do we as taxpayers continue to support public institutions that   knowingly allow these groups to exist? Do we as Americans continue to let terrorist organizations thrive not only in our country but within our schools? DO we as parents stand by while the indoctrination of our children continues not only through clubs designed to attract them but  through  curriculum designed to inspire them to Islam.   Time is running out.


This is part one of a series exposing various (and numerous) connections TN has with the Muslim Brotherhood.


Cathy Hinners








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