Tennessean Article Compares Freedom Riders With Muslim Brotherhood Supporter

Journalist –noun  person who writes about factual events for a living

According to this definition, Beverly Keel is definitely not a journalist,  and her latest article which appeared in the Tennessean, is definitely not factual. However CAIR, the Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood organization appears to like it, congratulations.

Ms. Keels article, titled ” Our treatment of Muslims is 21st-century disgrace”  ( http://www.tennessean.com/story/opinion/columnists/2014/11/02/treatment-muslims-st-century-disgrace/18225317/)   compares true leaders in the civil rights movement displayed within the National Center for Civil & Human Rights Museum to Nashville’s  self proclaimed  Muslim activist Remziya Suleyman. Now that’s a genuine  disgrace.   Keel writes:

The stain of blood and sin from some of the most shameful chapters in our city’s history may have faded, but a dark new spot of hatred is spreading and threatening to disgrace our city’s soul and public face, and it must be stopped

The fight for civil rights isn’t a thing of the past to be taught to children every February; indeed, it is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed by political, business and civic leaders, as well as those who consider themselves Christians. Not only is it crucial to our city’s reputation, it’s the right thing to do. We must stop hating what we don’t understand”

. Well Ms.Keel,  those Christians certainly do understand the hate. Perhaps you should investigate the Christians that have been slaughtered at the hands of those called Muslims. Have you spoken to the Coptic community in Nashville? What “hatred” are you speaking of that is disgracing our city?  Whose civil rights are being violated? Certainly not the Muslims. Muslims, particularly in the state of Tennessee, have been nothing but accommodated and appeased. Yes, crimes have been committed against their community, but crimes have been committed against a lot of religious communities, including the Jewish and Sikhs.

This article is a joke. It is nothing more than an opportunity for Ms.Suleyman to play victim, in between her travelling abroad to Geneva  and to Washington DC.  Ms. Suleyman has never had it so good.

“While the methods may have changed in 50 years, the hatred and abuse haven’t. Suleyman receives so many death threats that she doesn’t travel to some parts of the state alone, and must have security at all of her events”

Death threats and security?  Hardly. At best, harsh criticism and dislike for her alliances and her work with Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Perhaps the citizens of our state that accepted her and her family don’t care for her supporting the Islamists that are attempting to radically change it. Ms. Suleyman  has stood  along side CAIR, the MSA (Muslim Student Association) and ISNA ( Islamic Society of North America)  all arms of the Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps it is the citizens of Tennessee that need security

“I recalled a conversation with Suleyman after she led a group of Muslim women to vote on Saturday at a poll near Hickory Hollow Mall, where they were received coldly by voters and poll workers alike. “The women came back and said, ‘We didn’t feel comfortable there. We didn’t feel welcome.’” This happened in Nashville, in 2014.”

That’s odd, Ms. Suleyman “LOL” (laughed out loud) says a tweet regarding the same incident

remziya on poll workers



“Just as the museum videos capture the determination of the Freedom Riders, who signed their wills before embarking on a policy-changing Southern bus ride, Suleyman has been prepared to give her life for her cause”

Yes, from the comfort of her home in Tennessee she feels for fellow Kurds What cause is Ms. Suleyman prepared to die for?  Is she preparing to go to her homeland to fight alongside her relatives?

remziya on tweets about her homeland


Your article may have held some credibility had you interviewed someone that really is a victim instead of your friend. Someone that has actually been persecuted for their beliefs. Not a young hijabi that travels the world, appears on cable TV shows, and  freely roams the halls of the state legislature.

Hardly the life the Freedom Riders endured to fight for their cause.










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