University of TN Knoxville Welcomes Muslim Brotherhood Connected Speaker

Seems the disease of promoting Muslim Brotherhood speakers is spreading East from TN TECH University  to Knoxville. Why are we Tennesseans allowing the administrations of public institutions to foster this vile propaganda?

Unfortunately, The University of Tennessee at Knoxville accepted Nashville’s  Muslim activist Drost Kokoye where it’s apparent she has brought her radical ideology. Ms. Kokoye was involved in planning and participating in several Anti-Israel, Pro Palestine (Hamas) rallies in Nashville this past summer. She now joins with UTK’s own hate group,  Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) who also marched in support of Hamas.


Now, as if Jew hatred isn’t enough on campus, despise for America is arriving in the form of Dr. Sherman Jackson, also known as Abdul-Hakim Jackson. On Tuesday Oct 28,  the Department of Religious Studies and the MSA (Muslim Student Association) are sponsoring  Mr.Jackson for a discussion on the “Converging Limits Shariah vs. The Constitution”

utkmsa sherman jackson on campus

In the description of Jackson’s speech on the events page  it states ” The lecture will dispel, on the one hand, the stereotypical overstatement contained in the idea that shari’ah covers *everything* that an individual and collective human existence entails. It will reiterate, on the other hand, the limits the Constitution places on itself in terms of how groups and individuals may relate to their respective religious traditions” (see full details here

Overstatement?  Ask the women that live under its oppressive rule. Ask those women that have survived and fled countries under strict Islamic law how having their genitals cut feel about Sharia? Or ask the relatives of those women stoned to death because they were accused of adultery or worse yet were raped and it was labeled adultery feel. Sharia is a brutal, in human system which is completely antithetical to our Constitution. It is perfectly clear, the terrorists and their apologists wish to change the structure of America by undermining the rule of our land, by implementing their own.

This lecture will be nothing more than dawa, and nothing less than lies. Dawa is the proselytizing of Islam, which is the obligation of every “good” Muslim.  ( for more info on dawa read   MethodologyofDawah)

Sharia law dictates every aspect of a “good” Muslims life, as prescribed by Mohammed. Being a “good” Muslim is imitating the life of their beloved prophet, who became fiercely violent in his later days.

Nothing constructive will come from this event. The message delivered by Mr. Jackson will undoubtedly resemble that of Eboo Patels, a Muslim brotherhood counterpart, that recently spoke at Tennessee Tech, a short distance away.  The same questions remain though, why isn’t there someone to debate how  sharia isn’t compatible with the Constitution?  The  question was asked for Mr. Patel’s appearance, why isn’t their someone to debate how Islam is not comparable to Christianity? Instead Mr. Patel was seated on a panel with a high school principal and a Quaker blueberry farmer.

patel panel

These speakers were not vetted by either administration   Tennessee Tech was provided with intelligence and court documents to show Mr. Patel’s connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, but those were countered with a response that “even JFK had ties to the mafia.”  Seriously. The higher education institutions in our state can continue to provide speakers aligned with a terrorist organization and there isn’t outrage?  Yes the Muslim Brotherhood is a designated terrorist organization in many countries, but not here. So that makes it acceptable

Is it ignorance or arrogance by the leaders of these institutions  or perhaps its just appeasement and cowardice

To let the administration of UTK know your displeasure of the appearance of Mr. Jackson, contact the President

Dr. Joe DiPietro

Phone: 865.974.2241


Cathy Hinners




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One Response to University of TN Knoxville Welcomes Muslim Brotherhood Connected Speaker

  1. usar4me says:

    Until this administration removed the Muslim Brotherhood from the official list of Islamic Terrorist Groups it was listed as a terrorist group for many years…. If Islam is a Religion and the Left/Marxist claim that the State should not promote Religion or permit it access to PUBLIC funded and or sponsored events … why is a Public University… a government funded and run organization promoting religion… Islam.

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