The American Fitna

For over a decade, I have been warning against Islam. This cruel totalitarian ideology wants to turn the entire world into an Islamic caliphate, ruled by Sharia law.”

These are the words of a man living a nightmare. Jihadis from Syria, Al Qaeda, and the Pakistani Taliban have promised to kill him. His own government has sought to silence him by charging him with hate crimes because he “insulted” the largest Islamic population in his own country, the Netherlands.

As I listened to him speak, I heard a warning. A warning for Americans to wake up to prevent the Islamic domination that is already rooted throughout Europe.  We Americans are struggling to live normal lives, as crisis after crisis unfolds before us, while in the shadows the real crisis is infiltrating every sector of our society. That crisis is Islam.

Meet Geert Wilders. A man who lives with police protection for one reason, he speaks the truth about Islam.

“The Koran is full of commands such as sura 47 verse 4 “When ye meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks and cause a bloodbath among them.” All the atrocities by ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Khorasan – they all find their inspiration in the Koran. They show the true face of Islam.”

Europe is falling to the Islamic oppression, and we are not far behind. Islamists in America demand we change, from rewriting history to  forcing accommodations, they are using our own First Amendment against us. We too are being silenced. We too are being forced to appease. All under the guise of a “religion”.

Islam is threatening the whole world. We have to stand together. America, Europa, Australia, Canada and certainly also the state of Israel.”

America wake up.  It’s time to take back our founding principles, our values, our Constitution before it’s too late. Its time to end our fitna. In the words of a true patriot, who’s courage and convictions have touched everyone he meets, including myself

 I will never be silenced. Not by jihadis, not by political opponents, and not by anybody. “Live free or die” – that is my motto.  

That is Geert Wilders.

geert wilders 2

To view his entire speech click here:    VS october speech D groot

To view Geert Wilders’ video “Fitna” Click below”




 Cathy Hinners




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