“Peaceful Muslims” Leader Calls for Civil Disobeidence In Ferguson

As if the City of Ferguson needed anymore bullies, this weekend, self proclaimed diva activist from Brooklyn NY Linda Sarsour has arrived, not to soothe tensions by using  her “religion of peace” , but rather to rile a community that has no direction other than what is screamed from a bullhorn.  Sarsour who cries victim status regularly, is now the offender. So much for following the peaceful teachings of their beloved prophet.


Sarsour is the organizer of a weekend of action, to include marches and  “discussions”  leading to Monday, a day of civil disobedience.  Once again though, the motive of the muslim community isn’t Michael Brown or the presumed wrong doing of the police, it is  an opportunity to speak out against the injustices against the people in Gaza, and  the suffering of Muslims around the world. Islamists will take on any cause as long as it benefits them.

In a post written by Sarsour on her public FB page, she writes:


Raising the collective voices of Arabs, South Asians, Sikhs and Muslims. No where does it mentions African Americans.

But in another post it clearly states her agenda for her community:

sarsour on power, time to unleash it

“our religious institutions become hubs for radicals” oops I mean social justice. That’s what this is all about, showing the world the purported strength of the muslim community in America.  Michael Brown just happens to be a name, the City of Ferguson just happens to be  the  place that has world attention.

The inciting of the people that live in Ferguson by outside influences is contemptible and abhorrent. For those that have morals and values, respect authority and societies laws, in the words of the activist from NY,

“We got the Power, time to unleash it”


Cathy Hinners






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