How Muslims Are Changing Your World

It is amazing how Islamists are able to turn any event into propaganda for themselves, and if you haven’t been paying attention to it, now is the time to start. They are changing your world, whether you like it or not.

Meet Daoud Abudiab,  the imam of the mosque in Columbia TN. Mr. Abudiab has been a leader in the Family of Abraham’s interfaith farce for some time, but now he has a new venture, which should be setting alarms off within the Christian communities across TN.




A newly created website announcing Abudiab’s endeavor, the FCC or Faith and Culture Center (  has made some bold statements that are rather frightening. In what has been labeled the “neighbor to neighbor”  program, he states the following

The United States has quickly become the world’s most religiously diverse country in the world. Still, the vast general public conceives of the United States as a Christian nation — and so, as our coworkers, friends, our children’s friends and teammates are all turning out to be of a different faith and culture, we are faced with a challenge of simply getting to know our neighbors and about their lives in the U.S.

Although this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian  principals, the Islamists feel that is no longer true. The stated goals of the Faith and Culture Center have some overtones that are disturbing as well. They believe Americans must learn about Islam no matter what, and a vast number our leaders, political, religious, law enforcement and community seem to agree.  Ironically, their goals align with those of the  the Muslim Brotherhood.



Another new organization formed for the purpose of “understanding” is the Nashville’s “Mayor’s Office of New Americans Advisory Council”.  (Not to be confused with Haslam’s American Muslim Advisory Council)  Nashville native , and civil rights activist Frances Guess feels in America( particularly Tennessee) “We have a moral obligation to assure that that integration into our community is going to be conducted in a manner that many of us old Americans had to fight our way through,” .Why is that Mr. Guess? What exactly do we Americans owe  immigrants and refugees, oh and illegals?

Probably the most arrogant statement came from a Somali that is on this panel  “(Creating the new office) is the city of Nashville saying, ‘Let’s come to reality with our demographics,’ ” said Mohamed-Shukri Hassan, a member of the Mayor’s New Americans Advisory Council. “How can we not only serve this population, but also better integrate them?”  Serve this population? We as Americans aren’t here to serve anybody Mr. Hassan. Integrate? Your own community refuses to blend with the American way,  instead creating little societies that resemble where you came from.


Both of these new organizations have a similar credo, an in your face, we are here and you must change one that only behooves the Islamists.

Both of these new institutions are quite obnoxious in how they assume anyone wants to learn about them. How about trying to learn about the culture and the people that accepted you on American soil? 










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One Response to How Muslims Are Changing Your World

  1. I am Swedish, German, English American. I think people should be educated in these cultures! Of course, those cultures are not religiously specific which is yet another diversity that needs to be understood. How ridiculous are we going to get?

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