TN Tech and Muslim Brotherhood Ally Eboo Patel

Unless Tennessee Tech’s Administration  has changed their mind, Muslim Brotherhood supporter Eboo Patel is coming to the campus on Oct 7. Apparently  the lines of communications between the Presidents office and those that have expressed concern have come to a grinding halt. Is it because they finally felt a duty to uphold the beliefs and values of the vast majority of students attending this well respected university  or is it the apathy and cowardice that blinds them for fear of being labeled bigots or Islamophobes. Cancelling Mr.Patel, would take great strength and courage, certainly making a statement that anyone associated with terrorist organizations, are not allowed on university grounds. Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood has been designated a terrorist organization in many Middle Eastern countries,  ( but the United States has not followed suit. Yet.

Not knowing the position of the Administration at this time, we can only surmise they are continuing with Mr.Patel’s presentation. At least that is what is eluded to in a memo received by Dailyrollcall between Rep Roger Kane of Knoxville, and Ginger Hausser, the Director of External Affairs, Tennessee Board of Regents. In the brief memo Ms.Hausser states the following:


(See entire memo under documents.)

Seeing that Ms.Hausser was completely erroneous in her comments, we refuted those claims in an email, which went into great detail regarding the same documentation we had originally sent to the President, Philip Oldham. To her credit, Ms.Hausser did respond in a timely manner, however her email left much to be desired as far as accuracy and sincerity. ” I understand you have met with President Oldham about your concerns. I have nothing to add beyond the response that has been shared with you. Hopefully, your meeting went well with President Oldham.”

Huh? No meeting with Mr.Oldham ever occurred. A meeting with an assistant did. “Nothing to add” to address the detailed  8 paragraph email she received?  The book absolutely promotes the Islamic faith, and Mr.Patel absolutely associates himself with the Muslim Brotherhood.  So apparently the stance of the Administration is Mr.Patel is coming to campus, regardless of all the controversy, withdrawals of support, proof of his relationship to criminals and terrorists, and his own association with the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t matter. What matters is keeping the Islamists off their backs at the expense of your children. Who knows, perhaps there is even funding from the Saudi King. After all, there is “Saudi Club ” on campus.

saudi club shot of fb page








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