Law Enforcement’s Higher Echelon Succumbs To Islamic Pressure

The FBI.   “F B I”   “for those initials also represent the three things for which the Bureau and its representatives always stand: “Fidelity – Bravery – Integrity”, so their website says.

What part of those 3 words reflect the current actions of the FBI as they surrender to the demands of  the Islamic community that is relentless in decimating the foundations of America?

Is it the “integrity” of agent Ken Moore, and his superiors  from the Knoxville TN Division that has allowed the Islamists to demand removal of materials from the training divisions across the country because it’s offensive to Muslims?

Is it the “bravery” of the same superiors who allowed “subject matter experts” to examine training documents that define the mission of law enforcement and how to execute that mission?

Or maybe its the “fidelity” that has driven the leadership of the highest law enforcement agency in America to sell out its citizens by inviting the Muslim Brotherhood’s number one front group ISNA to its award ceremony this past spring.

The leadership of the FBI smiles away as it raises the white flag to the terrorists, giving them free reign  as   they gut the ability for all law enforcement to do its job.

fbi honors muslim leaders

Perhaps someone could tell the head honchos sitting behind their desks in the headquarters of the FBI, that same Islamist  community that is demanding change  and accepting awards is also promoting non-compliance and resistance when the agents in the field need intelligence or information. 

what to do if fbi comes to u




In a 3 page letter dated August 14 2014  to the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism ( see in Documents)  75 Islamic organizations( some Muslim Brotherhood front groups)   have the audacity to continue to demand training materials and trainers, not only just be removed, but want all agencies that have received training to be “re-trained” at the cost of the federal government. In addition, disciplinary action be taken against any trainer or agency that delivered training they find offensive.



Perhaps the hard working, on the street, in the field, law enforcement men and women should ask their superiors why are they giving in to the enemy? But even more thought provoking, why is the Islamic community working so hard to suppress the inner workings of law enforcement?  What is the Islamic community so afraid of?



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One Response to Law Enforcement’s Higher Echelon Succumbs To Islamic Pressure

  1. Anonymous says:

    F.B.I. = Fooled By Islamist

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