TN Tech Mandates Muslim Brotherhood Book Be Read

Tennessee Tech University is a public university ranked among the Top 8 Public Schools in the South, and is  located in  beautiful Cookeville TN.  For the past several years, as part of its orientation, incoming freshmen are required to read a book chosen by a select committee, under a program called the TN Tech University’s Common Book Project. This year, the university’s  President Dr. Philip Oldham is excited to announce this years choice for the TN Tech University’s Common Book Project is “Acts of Faith” by Eboo Patel. Oldham states “Acts of Faith provides a message of faith, hope, choice and service that spans across disciplines”. Only Honor students are not required to read the book.

Mr Oldham further states “I am excited about Acts of Faith, and I look forward to talking to students and faculty about the book throughout the semester. I also am pleased to host the author, Eboo Patel, on campus Oct. 7. He is a dynamic speaker, and I look forward to hearing more about his perspectives on finding faith and serving others. Finally, I look forward to learning how this book has impacted you.”

One would think a President of such a University would research and vet authors and speakers before they step foot on their campus. There are a few problems with this book and its author.

Eboo Patel has been identified as one of 6 Muslim Brotherhood operatives working within the White House. His position currently is  on the Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships. Patel, who was a speaker at a 3 day conference held by the Muslim Student Association ( another MB organization) sat on a panel which included Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Hassan Al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood and Siraj Wahhaj, who was named as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  Wahhaj has also been known to support the Ikwhans position on an Islamic takeover over  in America.


From Discover the Networks, In 2005 Patel and several young radicals co-authored the book Letters from Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out. Among Patel’s co-authors were Chesa Boudin (the adopted son of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers) and Ismail Khalidi (the son of Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi). The book’s Preface was written by Ayers’ wife, Weather Underground co-founder Bernardine Dohrn. The back cover featured an endorsement from the convicted cop-killer and former Black Panther Party member Mumia Abu-Jamal. And on the Acknowledgments page, Patel and his fellow authors thanked Ayers personally for the “guidance” and “encouragement” he had provided.

As TN Tech is a public institution, this is wrong on so many levels. It is totally unacceptable tor President Oldham to use this book not only for its content but for  the unsavory and criminal connections the author has. Allowing this author to present at the university is accepting and acknowledging those same connections.













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8 Responses to TN Tech Mandates Muslim Brotherhood Book Be Read

  1. John Denmark says:

    Christian TTU students should form a class action lawsuit against the university. This type of anti-America agenda should not be FORCED on student as a requirement for freshman reading. Public and government funds support the university and this is the same thing as having student read the Bible.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a student at TTU. This is the common book my class was requested to read. However, the book is not FORCED on anyone it is not used for any test but merely to have a common ground with incoming students. Its more of a conversation starter. Please read about what the common book is before saying there should be a lawsuit. thank you

      • I live in Cookeville and was proud of TTU, I racism is wrong, but in times like these when the radical muslim religion feels it acceptable to behead a Christians, we must ask out of concern not racism or stupidity, is the person next to me actually believe an American is a infidel. You don’t allow a criminal to work in a bank and hope he will not steal, you would not hire a child molester to babysit your children.
        My comment is right now in America, The President and Supreme Court Judges are forcing Christianity into a small box in hopes to make it go away, why is it that it is being forced upon Americans to be overly nice to a religion that has little to no respect for Christian Americans, believe it or not America got it’s moral roots from the BIBLE. Thanks and God Bless.

  2. This is not a campaign statement. I am running for Governor of Tennessee in November, if I succeed, any religion that promotes “kill the infidels” should be a homeland security issue and we all know how corrupt they have become. SO Tennesseans will be asked to vote to band that religion from Tennessee soil. Tennesseans will also be asked to start a class action lawsuit against 100% of the elected officials to see if there is grounds for subversion. This act of American Pride and Patriotism will legally and without rioting solve many problems facing Americans and Tennesseans today and in the future.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Phillip Oldham is another example of elitists liberal scum! I feel sorry for his children!!!

  4. In todays paper ( there is an article defending TTU’s decision. If you can please leave a comment.

  5. LHudson says:

    I went to TTU and have supported the school financially since I graduated, but my donations have stopped because of these types of decisions they are making.

  6. Steven D Coburn says:

    Steven Damon Coburn for Governor of Tennessee 2014 November4th —-six weeks away. Tennessee can fix today’s problems by applying Christian values. It’s been tried the other way and has failed miserably. WE are the Volunteer State; let’s volunteer to fix today’s problems so our children and grandchildren have a fighting chance for a life not in bondage and up to their ears in corruption, debt and immorality. If elected I will ask Tennesseans every two months to use the voting booth to vote upon 10-15 items and if a high percentage agrees than it is the Governors job to make it happen because it was the will of the People of Tennessee. You the people will be giving us ideas for future problem solving, this is a Christian and diplomatic method of strengthening America starting with Tennessee. If done correctly, other States will follow. Elected officials should be servants of the people but they make the rules and they get rich doing so at the expense of America, this is SUBVERSION and they have got away with it until NOV 4th. .This has never been tried before, it will work.

    Vote to demand 80% of the products on Tennessee shelves be produced in America by American labor, so jobs in Tennessee and America will be created. Factories will be built, there will be jobs created, U.S citizenship will be mandatory to be eligible. America will prosper and foreign countries will no longer prosper at our expense. NAFTA has been a act on SUBVERSION.

    Vote to reduce welfare recipients and amounts they receive by 80%. They need to be asked with their disabilities what job can they do to make a living for their family. The lazy ones either get a job or move to another State, no third option.

    Vote that next to the electronic voting booth there will be a paper ballot for accuracy, and nobody votes without proper identification, United States citizen, and registered to vote in that precinct and our military has the opportunity to vote and be counted.

    Vote that 100% of illegals be deported for economic, financial and moral reasons.(I believe in humanitarian help but illegals are being taken care of better than our veterans.) Vote to demand with respect, that the Federal Budget gets balanced and reduced by 40% within two months without touching the military or Senior Citizen benefits. If it is not done I will ask Tennesseans to vote to withhold 100% of Tennessee taxes until it is done, and start a class action lawsuit against all government officials that are not doing their job and if found guilty of passing legislature and benefiting from it financially, have their possessions sold to repay the United States of America and imprisoned.

    WE NEED A PERSON WITH A CHRISTIAN HEART AND A JOHN WAYNE ATTITUDE, STEVEN DAMON COBURN if given a chance is that person. Thank you and GOD BLESS Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 18:07:39 +0000 To:

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