The Dismantling of Law Enforcement by Islamists

Don’t think the Islamists are destroying us from within? Think again, and while you are thinking you best start to worry. CAIR and “75 groups” have joined together to demand the White House purge any and all training for law enforcement that may contain anything construed by them to be offensive.

CAIR and its ilk are terrorists They are criminals. And now they are demanding police agencies across the country  stop using facts from intelligence and surveillance gathered  to instruct officers because its “offensive” and “biased”

Get lost.

It is .absolutely indisputable the muslim community is not willing to stand for the destruction of terrorist organizations. In fact it is just the opposite. By refusing to work with law enforcement instructors to uncover all the scams and radicalization within their community, they instead claim the victim status and use their “religion” as an excuse.  It isn’t about their supposed piety, its about the finding who and where the next attack by their own will occur.

Why wouldn’t the muslims want to stop a terrorist attack? Why wouldn’t they want to rid themselves of those they claim have “hijacked” their religion?  Condemning ISIS by calling them “un-Islamic”  and “insane” is a pittance.

CAIR, aka HAMAS claims to be the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, but kick over the rock they live under and you will find all the terrorist connections they have.

Mohamed Elibairy, the Muslim Brotherhood thug in the US Dept of Homeland Security released this tweet on Aug 13

elibiary on no reversal of policies ever again

This is who is working within the US Dept of Homeland Security.  No reversals of polices? Really? And this comes from a guy that is dirtier than a pig in mud. He also assisted in purging the FBI of their training material as well. Below are excerpts from the directives to training agents across the country pertaining to what slides from presentations need to be removed.



The mere fact any law enforcement agency is willing to completely dismantle their training on radical muslim organizations, and their methods  is putting the communities they serve and protect in danger. Are we as citizens going to allow the further denigration and extermination of our core values. laws and the Constitution because a group demands so?  Groups that have infiltrated and expressed their desire to annihilate the west in a well thought out, articulate document called the Strategic Goal for North America? ( see  manifesto under documents) Why would a terrorist organization even have written such a document?  They have promised to bring us to our knees, they have promised to bring the war to us in America. This is the beginning of the end of life as we know it.

Think it’s time to act?




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