Another Muslim Tale of Woe..Really?

Zak Mohyuddin ran for office in Coffee County TN and Zak Mohyuddin lost. So did a lot of others this past Thursday. It’s not like there isn’t any other news, the world is facing one of the most horrific, brutal, Islamic band of terrorists, claiming they are coming to America, and Monica Campbell of The World’s Global Nation News is writing about a Muslim that lost a local race. Seriously?

So why do the Muslims living in America feel everything that happens to them is because of their “religion”? In the article written by the above journalist, ( Mr. Mohyuddin tells his tales of woe, and makes it appear he lost because of those incidents. He didn’t, he lost because of politics and inexperience. However the article is full of misleading and untruths.

The first thing you notice is a huge sign for the Jack Daniels distillery, in next-door Lynchburg. Mohyuddin tells me how the distillery is actually in a dry county. So, the whisky is made there, but you can’t go into a bar or restaurant and drink it. Go figure. But that’s how politics and culture can mix here. And sometimes it can get ugly.Mohyuddin knows this well”

There were plenty of ugly races this election season, all through out the state, not just in Coffee County. One would hardly say his was an ugly race.

““Some people were clearly very hostile to my religious faith,” Mohyuddin said. He is a Muslim, and one of the very few Muslims in the area. And he’s faced several personal attacks. His opponent, Mark Kelly, falsely accused him of wanting to remove the Bible and the American flag from public places. And Mohyuddin was heckled during a forum he helped organize last year to talk about hate crimes, including an arson attack at a mosque in neighboring Rutherford County”

Mr. Mohyuddin, please articulate what the hostilities were directed at your religious faith, and how you were personally attacked. Did you file an incident report with the local authorities? Being accused of wanting to remove the bible and American flag from public places is hardly an attack on you and your faith sir, I would consider it just the opposite.  As far as being heckled during the forum your group AMAC hosted, what you didn’t say was why that occurred.

The very important fact Mr Mohyuddin left out was AMAC ( the American Muslim Advisory Council) which has several Muslim Brotherhood associations, picked a small town, Manchester TN, to sponsor a forum that featured U.S attorney Bill Killian and FBI special agent Ken Moore . The purpose of this meeting was to inform townspeople what they are allowed and not allowed to say about certain religions and ethnic groups  Little did they know over 1000 people would show up to tell the attorney and the FBI they have rights too. Oops, Mr.Mohyuddin didn’t mention that. Instead the article includes the full length video from that event.

The next few paragraphs in the article ramble on about the stupidity of then Democrat commissioner Barry West that posted a stupid picture with a stupid caption. The two then had dinner together, West states he never really was that close to a Muslim before ( like their aliens) and now it’s true love.

In the last words of this interview, it states “He said he might run again. But if there’s a next time, he told me he’d like to see more immigrants running too. “

Did you mean Muslims Mr Mohyuddin?  Isn’t that the  underlying goal of organizations such as the one you are a member of (AMAC)?   After all, the first statement you made in your opening remarks in Manchester were “it is a simple fact of life that nothing stays the same.  Change is always happening.  American Muslims are part of the changing demographics of this country.” 

No wonder you didn’t get elected Mr Mohyuddin,  America has seen what “change”  is.








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