Nashville Realtor and Her Love of Palestine/Hamas

Everyone has a right to an opinion. However,one would expect a professional, in any field, be mindful of making public statements about the heated events occurring in the world.  Not the case for Nashville realtor Lynn Grassmeyer of Reliant Realty.

grassmeyer 1

Ms. Grassmeyer has displayed her support in favor of the Pro Palestine / Hamas movement

Doesn’t anyone with a brain know who they are supporting when they proudly carry the flag of Palestine?

lynn grassmeyer with palestine flag


Hamas was designated a terrorist organization by the United States State Dept in October of 1987. It seems Ms. Grassmeyer also was involved in the organizing of a counter demonstration to be held at the same time a pro Israel rally will be occurring in downtown Nashville on Weds Aug 6.


The very thought this group has about bringing children to use in their protest is disgusting. But  that’s what Hamas does too.

Maybe Ms. Grassmeyer and Reliant Realty don’t have Jewish clients. Surely those that support Israel would be offended by her blatant disrespect. Maybe Ms. Grassmeyer doesn’t know some of her sister protestors such as Drost Kokoye of the ACO ( American Center for Outreach) are proud supporters of Muslim Brotherhood organizations and individuals. Maybe Ms. Grassmeyer doesn’t care if she loses business.








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20 Responses to Nashville Realtor and Her Love of Palestine/Hamas

  1. Anonymous says:

    You can attack with hate and misinformation all you want..whoever you are. I am an American Palestinian Christian and stand for the rights of ALL people, particularly those of genocide, war, and oppression-anywhere. I am not a friend of Hamas, and I am not a friend of people who spew hatred and do not work to resolve issues. Please….do your research and find out exactly what the facts are on the ground in the Middle East before you spew utter nonsense. If you think it’s just Muslims that are slaughtered, think again. There are up to 3,000-4,000 Christian believers inside Gaza, with several among the1,800 dead. Frankly folks, you do not scare me, you sadden me deeply. You mock the message of Jesus and His love for all people. Have some respect for yourselves and STOP the vitriol. And, since you have my phone number….I will take any of you to coffee and we can talk about your concerns. Blessings of peace.

    • Chris Owens says:

      ” I am an American Palestinian Christian”

      correction….if you live in the US…..and do not plan to go back to palestine….you are an american

      the problem with your statement is one of loyalty…which is why we have a president who is muslim

      either your loyal to the US or your not….cant be both

      • JBG says:

        Yeah, you stop being a Palestinian when you become an American. Just like you stop being a husband when you become a father.

      • June Tarsha says:

        Shame on you! Our president is NOT Muslim. He was raised Christian by his mother and grandmother.

  2. Janelle Gingrich-Caudle says:

    Lynn is a humanitarian activist and has boldly stood by her convictions for years!!! Her work is nothing new. She has been featured in editorials, she has led other human rights causes and volunteers with at risk children at her church. This woman is standing against oppressive forces that kill innocent civilians in a land where basic needs *such as clean water and medical supplies are being withheld. This is a region where a massive wall has been constructed that allows no escape for the people of this land. They are victims of from war. The people who comprise this land, Palestine- represent three major religions with Islam being predominate, however there is an absolute presence of Christians and Jews. Israel is indeed the same but Judaism is predominate however Muslims and Christians also abide there. So, this has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with human right’s abuses and politics. Lynn is standing for the rights of the oppressed.

    Her abilities as a professional should have no bearing with the choices she makes as a humanitarian and activist.

    In terms of children being represented at the August 6 rally. Lynn mentioned in conversation with me this was not something she felt appropriate about doing. You are presumptive as she never mentioned a word in this FB post you have used against her and have falsely associated her.

    Perhaps you should engage Lynn in dialog that seeks understanding rather than making harsh judgments and smearing her professional name. This is ruthless, cruel and mean-spirited

    • ch565 says:

      We applaud Ms Grassmeyer for her humanitarian work, as humans we all feel the suffering and pain of those persecuted throughout the world. What we are exposing and will continue to do so, are those that are supporters of terrorist organizations. Perhaps those that are concerned about the death and destruction occurring should be protesting against Hamas. Perhaps there should be demands to rid America of terrorist organizations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood whose members and organizations are prevalent here. Her abilities as a professional do have a profound effect when she chooses to post pictures and comments on the internet for the world to view. That was her choice. As professionals, thought and care should be taken as to whom their clientele is and perhaps use discretion as to not offend them.

    • Chris Owens says:

      “This woman is standing against oppressive forces that kill innocent civilians ”

      palestinian children are taught from the moment they are born to hate anyone who does not support islam……namely the people in israel because they are the closest

      so there are not any “innocent” civilians in palestine but less than 10%

      so to save a 100% you would save 10% of another….bad math

  3. Scott Harris says:

    I assume someone like you would call yourself either a Christian or a Jew, so my response will contain a few principles that come from the Jewish and Christian Scriptures.

    “Doesn’t anyone with a brain know who they are supporting when they proudly carry the flag of Palestine?”

    Excellent question. Anyone with a brain knows that the Palestinian flag represents both the 4.4 million children, women, and men who live in the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank, and the 6.3 million other Palestinian children, women, and men who live elsewhere around the world, including cities like Nashville and states like Tennessee.

    These 10.7 people are your neighbors. God, through both Moses and Jesus has called his people to love their neighbor as themselves (Leviticus 19.18; Luke 10.25-37). As a Christian, Lynn’s Palestinian flag is an expression of the love that Jesus calls his followers to.

    Dear friend of Christian or Jewish or other heritage, I urge you in the name of God to love your neighbor as yourself.

    Anyone who loves Palestinians will easily see what a tragedy the rule of Hamas has been, both for Palestinians and Israelis! Let us persevere in prayer that God would take them out of any power as soon as possible. The mighty Israel Defense Forces are unable to do this, but God can.

    One of the privileges of my life has been to know Lynn. She inspires me to follow Jesus more closely, to love God more fully, and to better love my neighbor as myself. May she inspire you and others to do so as well! She is the kind of Christian of whom it could be said that “the world is not worthy” (a reference to Hebrews 11.38).

    I invite anyone reading this to take your real estate business to Lynn because you will gain so much more than just good business. When you do, ask her why she follows Jesus, and loves God and her neighbor. You will be extremely glad you did.

    May God show you more and more of his love for you and for his world each day!

    • Chris Owens says:

      “who live elsewhere around the world, including cities like Nashville and states like Tennessee.”

      excuse me…if you are from palestine and now live in the united states and are not going back to palestine….you are in fact an american, so dont include those people

      do yourself a favor and think before you type

  4. leftymathprof says:

    I was at that rally with Lynn. Neither Lynn nor I are anonymous. (You can find out more about me at my own website.) But I don’t see the author of “Daily Roll Call” named on his “about” page (

    On his “about” page, he says

    “Dailyrollcall was founded by a retired police officer with experience in the middle eastern/Islamic community. The goal of this site is to inform the public of the indoctrination and infiltration of various Islamist organizations through out the country, and in particular the state of Tennessee. The website also serves to expose the agenda and actions of those groups and individuals.”

    If that’s his purpose, I don’t think he’s doing it very well. He is spreading the misinformation and false propaganda that someone else has brainwashed him with. His “experience” in the “middle eastern/Islamic community” has not made him very well informed; apparently he only opened his eyes selectively. But most racists do not know they are racists; they believe they are being “scientific” or “objective” or “realistic.”

    Not all Muslims have the same agendas. But I can tell you what is the agenda of the Palestinians, with whom Lynn and I protested yesterday. It was on the sign that I carried. My sign said:

    “End the occupation.
    End the colonization.
    End the apartheid.
    End the blockade.
    End the massacre.”

    That’s the agenda. End the injustice. End the war crimes.

    The corporate news media in the USA is heavily biased against Palestine, and never mentions any criticism of the Israeli government. And consequently, most people in the USA have no idea what is actually going on in Occupied Palestine. For instance, most people in the USA are opposed to apartheid wherever it may happen, but they are completely unaware that Occupied Palestine (more widely known as “Israel”) is entirely an apartheid state. Our “agenda,” in staging a counter-rally, was to make that fact better known.

    • Anonymous says:

      End the rockets, simple enough?

    • ch565 says:

      end the rockets that are fired into Israel daily. Ask Hamas to stop using children as shields, ask Hamas to stop digging tunnels into Israel to kill and kidnap, and most of all, lets get HAMAS headquarter, out of our Country

  5. namelessnerd says:

    This post is not only slanderous, but also grossly ignorant. For example, the flag carried by Mrs. Grassmeyer is the Palestinian flag. NOT the flag of Hamas. The flag that Hamas supporters use when demonstrating in support of Hamas is much different. This fact is so well-known (even to those of us who deeply oppose Hamas) that it is simply stunning that Daily Roll Call is ignorant of it.

    To pretend that someone who carries a Palestinian flag is a supporter of terrorism is both libelous and viciously ignorant. The rest of Daily Roll Call’s accusations against Mrs. Grassmeyer are equally frivolous and slanderous.

    • Chris Owens says:

      tell me…what is the percentage of palestinians that are not pro hamas…… you know

      my guess is that less than 20 % of palestinians do not support hamas…..therefore the palestinian flag represents hamas also….this is how the majority of the world sees it, why dont you

    • Janelle Gingrich-Caudle says:

      Agreed! Sir, do you realize the full extent of your actions? You have twisted Lynn’s passion with human right’s abuses and have associated her with terrorism! You have taken Lynn’s career, the company with whom she works for and are working ardently to defame and destroy. You stir a toxic pot mixed with propaganda and hatred.

      Along with another, I presume you my be one who professes religious allegiance to Christianity. My presumptions carry on that a large number of your followers are of one accord. Laying aside potential legal action. You may wish to consider a more frightening scenario- your spiritual responsibility.The irony is, if my presumptions are true- you have taken issue with one who worships the same God. Biblical instruction is given with handling these things. However you have chosen otherwise-you have chosen a political agenda before your faith.You may not understand her position and perspective of this crisis that she sees- but this is not an excuse. You have chosen to be at war with your sister. This carries accountability before God.

      As of this moment, through FB alone your appraisal of Lynn has been shared over a thousand times. How far does this have the potential of going? She has been called unspeakable names, associating her the enemy of a very painful part of Jewish history. Although she may oppose the actions of Israel at this time, Lynn is not a antisemitic! She is not a sympathizer to terrorism in any regard. There is absolutely no way to determine the extent of damage that will result from your actions. Would you be grateful if physical harm should befall her?

      If you are wise-If you are God fearing, you will humbly ask for forgiveness, make matters right with Lynn and you will correct this in your community to the best of your ability. You will work diligently to repair some of the damage that you began.

      The links below will provide you some understanding.

  6. JBG says:

    I’m not saying who does and doesn’t “support Hamas” but if a Palestinian flag is your only evidence of this, you’re a dumbass. This is like assuming all those Tea Party people carrying American flags must support the Democrats because they happen to have the Executive Branch. The Palestinian identity long predates Hamas and its political ascendancy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I would never do business with her. Instead of protesting the use of human shields, hiding weapons in UN schools , failure to commit to a cease fire, use of tunnels to kill civilians, acts of terrorism, and a myriad of other abuses by Hamas – she instead celebrates it. In my opinion, supporting her indirectly supports hate and terror.

  8. Janelle Gingrich-Caudle says:

    Sir, I am asking you politely. What are you doing to correct your decision to viciously slander the name of Lynn Grassmeyer? She is using her amendment rights of free speech to bring awareness to the plight of the Palestinian people who have been and are living in an oppressed state of affairs. You have erroneously associated her work with terrorism and began a smear campaign that not only causes great damage to her personal name- Your work and its sharing (over a thousand times on FB and 11 times on Twitter) has the potential of causing great damage in all aspects to her professional business dealings going forward.

    A retraction is a great place to start. There is great potential that legal action may be taken as she has been encouraged to do so by many of those who are angered and enraged by your actions. If you haven’t, please read my earlier post discussing defamation of character and libel.

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