U.S Attorney Bill Killian Attends Iftar

Seems the latest trend is for government officials and agencies to host and attend religious feasts called Iftars, or the breaking of the fast  each day for Muslims during Ramadan  U.S Attorney Bill Killian was one of them. No surprise here though, Killian was the same U.S Attorney that accepted an invitation to speak at an AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council) event last year in Manchester TN, which much to his dismay, 1000 patriots showed up to let him know how they feel.

Killian, much like so many political apologists seem to be smitten with those that wear the hijab, in this case Nashville’s  Muslim Brotherhood supporter Remziya Suleyman




Kalian’s  partiality was evident during the AMAC event, and statements like this drove the audience to boo him several times:

“In the Justice Department, we sadly see acts of hate and discrimination against the Arab and Muslim communities in all parts of our work, and we use all of the laws Congress has given us to right those wrongs, civil as well as criminal”

Right what wrongs? So what is generating this empathy so many of our political, religious and community leaders have towards an ideology that is determined to dismantle the American society? Fear.

For some preposterous reason, all rational thoughts have gone out the window when it comes to Islamists, and fear has taken over. The very thought of disagreeing with a member of the muslim community will earn you a label that most shudder at. Words that are made up such as Islamophobe, and others such as bigot , racist or hater bring uneasiness to the weak.

Besides fear of labels, most fear a lawsuit which the islamists wage everyday. With no regard to whom they are dealing with, apologists and sympathizers take many risks by cuddling with the likes of Suleyman.

But it doesn’t stop with our leaders, the media is just as irresponsible. In particular local news reporter Sky Arnold of Fox17. Since when is it acceptable for journalists and reporters to take sides and protect those they obviously have never researched? Isn’t gathering and reporting facts the job of the media?

Unfortunately Mr. Arnold  seems infatuated with Musllim Brotherhood supporter Remziya Suleyman and Nashville activist  Drost Kokoye.

After seeing tweets between Mr. Arnold and fric and frac I tweeted to him some evidence he surely would take exception to and perhaps distance himself from them. To the contrary, I was scoffed and told I just didn’t know them. Really?   Its only a matter of time before the tide is turned on Middle Tennessee’s  Islamists, especially the Anti-American, Anti- Jewish  duo  so many have been deceived by. its only a matter of time

Tweet sent to Sky Arnold on Drost Kokoye:

drost on not liking being called american

drost on zionism in nashville

Arnolds response:

drc with sky arnole

Humor? Really?











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