Meet Nashville’s Anti American, Anti-Jewish Refugee Worker

The American Center for Outreach, whose Director is Remziya Suleyman has lost any credibility it may have had.

Drost Kokoye, a refugee herself, is now the “Civic Engagement Coordinator” for the ACO. Drost Kokoye is also Anti American, and Anti Jewish.

drost on not liking being called american


drost on divesting

drost on zionism in nashville



Interestingly enough, Kokoye was a “multicultural organizer for the Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) back in 2012-2013.

A refugee spewing her hate undoubtedly to other refugees. Kokoye and her BFF, and now boss Remziya Suleyman continue to roam about Nashville portraying  a façade which obviously is quite fake. Kokoye doesn’t care for white people much either.

drost on rich white folk magazine

Or Black people?

drost on jibaboo

Kokoyes other “friends” seem to be Anti American, Anti Jewish as well.

cyrus on usa soccer


cyrus on israel




Both Drost Kokoye and Remziya Suleyman surround themselves with those that share the same ideology, values and goals. Unfortunately they aren’t American ones.


















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One Response to Meet Nashville’s Anti American, Anti-Jewish Refugee Worker

  1. Pam King says:

    Can we call US Attorney Bill Killian to get a clarification on this? Do these comments violate any civil rights? I am sure Bill Killian has a direct reference to the things that can and cannot be allowed!

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