Remziya Suleyman and her Request for Proof ..Part 3

Remziya Suleyman has proclaimed to Middle Tennessee to be the “voice for Muslims”   From Interfaith forums, to Religious Communicator Council conferences, to International Religions for Peace seminars, to the halls of the Tennessee State Legislature,   Remziya Suleyman has appeared to be a role model for Muslims. However, as seen in this video clip she has no idea what the very doctrine of her religion is, but to speak to politicians, she had to learn.

This video is from a forum called Mosques in America, June 2012. The entire video can be seen here:


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Remziya Suleyman on being 100% Muslim to politicians:

remziya 100% muslim


Remziya Suleyman speaks of change and diversity, but for whom? :

remziya on haters

drc remziya comment i should leave the country

Putting it all in perspective Remziya Suleyman says this:



The bottom line is Remziya Suleyman is not whom she claims to be. The relationships and affiliations with known Muslim Brotherhood organizations and individuals should be enough for her to be discredited and carefully watched. Suleyman was just selected to be part of a 10 month class called Leadership TN, with representatives of the state of TN such as Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, and Secretary of State Tre Haggert.  It is imperative our elected officials pull themselves away from their association with Remziya Suleyman, especially after listening to her state she only learns about Islam “cuz I have to go talk to politicians”. This speaks volumes of her character and true agenda.


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One Response to Remziya Suleyman and her Request for Proof ..Part 3

  1. Pam King says:

    Oh what a genius! Wait…..I can’t represent muslims till I call my mother and find out what Sharia is!

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