Remziya Suleyman and Her Request for Proof ..Part 2







In continuing the proof of Remziya Suleyman’s association with Muslim Brotherhood organizations, she also has an alliance with  Muslim brotherhood supporter Mohamed Elibiary. Elibiary, a Security Advisor with the United States Dept of Homeland Security has been in the social media spotlight lately as he has made rather radical statements on America being an Islamic country, and praising the return of a Caliphate. Here are two of his recent tweets:

elibiary on return of caliphate

elibiary on america islamic country not muslim one

Its a shame Remziya Suleyman has someone with this mind set as someone she apparently looks up to. In other tweets, Mohamed  Elibiary has shown his support for the Muslim Brotherhood in several ways. ( see prior post, Exposing the Brotherhood Within, and watch for part 2)

remziya to elibiary


remziya with elibiary


remziya tweet with elibary

remzia and elibiary2

remziya comment on elibiary as mentor

Remziya Suleymans friendships with  Anti American, Anti Jewish Islamists:

Zahra Billoo

billoo on war2

Zahra billoo  israel like rapist

Linda Sarsour: From the Investigative Project on Terrorism

Following Saddam Hussein’s death: “[Sarsour] said many Palestinians viewed

Hussein as a hero because he steadfastly supported Palestinians in their struggle

against Israel. She and other Palestinian New Yorkers felt humiliated by the way

Hussein was caught and shown, disheveled and pathetic-looking, on

international television, Sarsour said.’ … ‘I think he’s done a lot of things he

shouldn’t have done, but I was hurt. My Arab pride was hurt,and,

Palestinians are under so much oppression and no other Arab

country ever helped them.’”39

Israel is there, and it is going to be there whether we like it or notWe

have to learn to deal with that.”42


Drost Kokoye:

drost on boycott israel

drost on israel (2)


Remziya Suleyman has made many choices. She has chosen to associate with recognized Muslim Brotherhood Organizations, anti Jewish, and  Anti American individuals, and has continued to embellish her knowledge of her “religion”. There are two faces to Remziya Suleyman, and in part 3 you will see videos to show her true one.









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