American Islamists and Their Anti American Sentiments

America is no longer a melting pot, it is a crock pot that is overflowing with those that wish to change our fundamental beliefs and values to be replaced by their own distorted and dangerous ones. This pot about to simmer over.

On a holiday like Memorial Day, that has always been revered for honoring the brave men and women that have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms and way of life, Islamists  like Zahra Billoo of California have this to say:

billoo on war2


billoo on which freedoms came from wars

billoo on cair vidoe on muslim veterans


This CAIR- Hamas employee and  supporter calls herself an American, but she is nothing more than a thug. The very notion of her questioning which war gave us freedom is enough to stamp her forehead with a  traitor stamp. Looking through her tweets this woman is the poster child for the islamists in our country. She isn’t an American, she was simply born here. She isn’t a religious muslim, she is a terrorist sympathizer. She wears a hijab not for the sake of modesty but for the sake of hiding behind it.

Nothing this hijabi has written in her tweets or facebook posts indicates her love for our country,but rather a deep disdain for it. There is nothing American or religious about this woman.

Unfortunately, she isn’t alone with her sentiments. The self proclaimed voice of muslims in Middle Tennessee Remziya Suleyman aspires to be just like her.

remziya on being with zahara and shibly

Perhaps Ms. Suleyman should reconsider her role models, and be grateful she lives in America.

Perhaps Zahra Billoo should understand being born on U.S Soil isn’t the same as being an American. Miscreants are born here everyday.





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