Hizb-ut-Tahrir..Another Terrorist Group In America

Amongst the Muslim Brotherhood, Al- Shabaab,  and other groups here to inflict harm,  Americans better wake up to yet another one. Hizb-ut-Tahrir


How is it such a subversive, incendiary group not just exists within our borders, but thrives. While many of their conferences have been relocated due to hotels not succumbing to their radical propaganda, the fact they exist still is troublesome. This pamphlet was handed out by members of this group in the last few years, which clearly shows their intentions and barbaric nature  Page 62: IslamicReformation pamphet

Apostasy is a question of what kind of person would openly and publicly abandon Islam with

full knowledge that they will be killed for it, rather than either keeping it to themselves or leave

the Khilafah. Hence, the death penalty only applies on those who in the Khilafah openly leave

Islam, and choose to remain in the state despite knowing the law; this is considered an open

attack on the basis of the state which is Islam, essentially it is viewed as treason and a political

attack on the Khilafah in order to undermine it.

Oh yes, this is peaceful, and normal.


The following points are from their own website, and sums up their goals for America.


  • Hizb ut-Tahrir is a political party whose ideology is Islam. Its objective is to resume the Islamic way of life by establishing an Islamic State that executes the systems of Islam and carries its call to the world.
  • With regard to Hizb ut-Tahrir being a political party, this is because politics in Islam is looking after the affairs of the Ummah domestically and externally and Allah (swt) has commanded the governing of the Ummah’s affairs by Islam and nothing else
  • Hizb ut-Tahrir has also determined its method of progress in view of the fact that Islam is an idea and a method, i.e. a host of tangible rules that preserve the idea and bring it into existence. Its method of progress is in fact the method of the Messenger of Allah (saw), for it is a group of clear and defined Shari’ah rules. The party proceeds in the three periods, which the Messenger of Allah (saw) proceeded in order to achieve his objective:

    1. The period of study and culture in order to generate the party culture and incorporate the ideology in a groups of individuals, i.e. in order to form the bloc.
    2. The period of interaction with the Ummah and the struggle for the sake of making her adopt the ideology of the party as her own, make it her raison d’être and work towards establishing it.
    3. The period of attaining and seizing the reins of power through the Ummah in order to implement the ideology in a comprehensive manner, because it is forbidden to seize partial power. Hence, the arrival at the ruling must be total and the implementation of Islam must be comprehensive.
  •  Hizb ut-Tahrir is determined to work within the Ummah in order to implement Islam and achieve its objective by endeavouring to gain the leadership of the Islamic Ummah so that she could accept it as her leader, to implement Islam upon her and proceed with it in her struggle against the Kuffar and in the work towards the return of the Islamic State as it was before, the leading superpower in the world.

It doesn’t take much to equate the actions of islamists around the state, or the country. Several positions in the political arena are being sought after by them, and because of their tenacity and efforts such as “getting the vote out”, their collectiveness will most likely be one that reflects in the polls.

America has been dealt distraction after distraction. Americans have lost their jobs, their insurance and soon their freedoms. The last thing American families want to think about is organizations that are present to do further harm and destruction to our way of life.

This complacency and the affinity to be tolerant is a danger to every single one of us. Are you afraid of these groups and their ideology? You better be.



Hizb-ut-Tahrir  2010 convention promo video. ( best viewed in google chrome) Other reports related to this group are under the “document” tab above.











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