“Change” Coming to Coffee County Tennessee?

Changeverb/ to become different, to make (someone or something) different, to become something else.

Zak Mohyuddin, a well-known Islamist residing in Tullahoma TN won the Democratic primary this week for Coffee County Commissioner. This is the same Zak Moyhuddin that drew the ire of several hundred people as he opened the forum that hosted US attorney Bill Killian, and his puppet FBI agent Ken Moore, in June 2013 in Manchester TN.  The same Zak Moyhuddin that serves on the board of the sponsor of this event. AMAC ( American Muslim Advisory Council). The same Zak Moyhuddin that opened with this statement:

“It is a simple fact of life that nothing stays the same.  Change is always happening.  American Muslims are part of the changing demographics of this country.”

Video here: ( best watched with Google chrome)


So what is Mr. Moyhuddins type of change? Is it the same as CAIR’s ( Council on American Islamic Relations):


Mr Moyhuddin is on the board of AMAC ( American Muslim Advisory Council) which consistently  associates with Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as CAIR, and even has Muslim Brotherhood supporters on the board. The billboard above clearly states their feelings.


Lets not forget Mr.Moyhuddins sister in law, Sabina Moyhuddin  advised the crowd in Manchester that these organizations  help Tennessee’s Muslims “stay true to their religious values” which includes global sharia law! She was speaking of 2 Muslim Brotherhood organizations , ICNA ( Islamic Center of North America) and the FCNA ( Fiqh Council of North America)

Or perhaps the change Mr. Moyhuddin wants is the repression of free speech. Specifically if a muslim is offended. What is at odds is the purpose of Mr. Moyhuddins forum, which was called American Muslims and Public Discourse.  AMAC invited the public ( Manchester is a small town)  so they could learn about their culture and who they are. So why is it then AMAC also invited  U.S Attorney Bill Killian, and FBI agent Ken Moore to spread the word  on what is considered by the federal government free speech and what is hate speech and the consequences of such speech.

Mr Moyhuddin seems like a nice man, he does local folks’ taxes, and won employee of the year.  But according to the very doctrine he as a Muslim must follow, democracy has a completely different meaning .Islamists believe in a political ideology that seeks to apply Islamic principles and laws to the world.  Even in the document called the Muslim Brotherhoods Strategic Goal for the Group in North America  states a political organization must be formed. So, check off another goal completed. Last month CAIR assisted in the launch of the Muslim Brotherhoods own political party, the U.S Council of Muslim Organizations.

So this is just another baby step in helping the Muslim Brotherhood attain its goal in Islam becoming the dominant religion and way of life in the world.

So knowing the relationships Zak Moyhuddin has with Islamist s that hold dear the same principles and objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood, who wishes to be responsible for the further decline of America? Once the door has been opened for Islamist to become key figures within our communities, change will in fact begin to occur.

Haven’t we all had enough of hope and change ?



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One Response to “Change” Coming to Coffee County Tennessee?

  1. Jean Kelly says:

    Sadly no mention was made in this article that Mark Kelly is the Incumbent Republican for District 15. Mark is a Christian and a fiscal conservative who has served this district faithfully for several terms.

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