Another Tale of Islamist Deception

CAIR-Hamas is getting bolder everyday. No longer is it necessary for American businesses to have “policies”, because terrorist thugs like CAIR completely dismiss them only to be deemed “discriminatory”. Do you see how this is working America? The more CAIR and its sort claim to be victims, the more this administration seeks to protect it.

This by far is the grossest exaggeration yet. CAIR is suing Boomers Amusement Park in CA, after Muslims and Sikhs were denied entry to the Go Kart area due to safety concerns. CAIR says they were denied because of their “religious” head coverings. This is a brief description of the rules from Boomers Go Kart webpage.

boomers policy 1

Well, certainly nothing discriminatory there…here is Boomers official policy:


CAIR is known for lies and embellishments such as this. CAIR may not even sue for money, but in typical CAIR fashion will force Boomers and its parent company to undergo “sensitivity” and “diversity” training.

CAIRS press release:

CAIR suing boomers

There is no discrimination here. There is no banning of head coverings because they are Muslims. This is showing the world CAIR sees and represents themselves as victims. The more a group is “victimized” the more laws are put in place to prevent it.

The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech is on its way out the door, where are you to fight it?






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