Oxymoron of the Week: Islamists Give Know Your Rights Presentation

Drost Kokoye, the Tennessee ACLU’s latest hire, has been travelling the state presenting to fairly new immigrants and refugees a “know your rights” course.

So what version of “rights” is she presenting? .Certainly not women’s rights. Once again women are sitting on one side of the room, men on the other. The separation of women and men isn’t exactly freedom.

Of all the Mohammadins to be preaching about rights, it certainly shouldn’t be Drost Kokoye. She is a very confused, angry, anti white ( she thinks she is brown) anti Jewish, anti American who has a huge chip on her shoulder.

But more than that, as immigrants and refugees are arriving in our country, why would knowing your rights be more important than teaching them how to assimilate and become part of the community?  Their version  only serves to create a division, an “us from them” mentality. With the help of Ms. Kokoye and Ms. Remziya Suleyman, that division is growing. Are they being familiarized with  the Constitution? Are they relaying the importance of being an American citizen ? Are they being told the rewards of living the American dream..by working hard ? I bet not. In a country that thrives  on capitalism, she hardly has the same belief.

drost commenting on walids tweet on capitalism


Its all about their rights. Their right to pray where they want, when they want no matter what. Their right to wear garb that sometimes hinders the ability to perform the job effectively,  their right to demand services and accommodations that affect others rights. Their right to have an income without working, not only for a set period of time, but for long term. Their right to privileges that  should only come with being law abiding citizens such as drivers licenses, and voting. But that isn’t the name of their game.

What’s even more dangerous is the presentation Ms. Kokoye delivered to a group of Coptic children a few weeks ago.  Muslims are slaughtering Coptics everyday.  It would be great if Ms. Kokoye gave the training because she truly believes muslims are wrong, and is trying to make it right, but unfortunately she has the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Here is an interesting exchange in which Ms. Kokoye glosses over the child’s concern that muslims kill Coptics , instead responding about freedom of religion.

drost on coptic 1

If I were a parent of those children in attendance, I would warn Ms. Kokoye and her Ikwhan ilk to stay away, and keep her Dawa to herself.

The First Amendment allows for freedom of speech, the Sharia does not. Amazing how our Constitution comes in so handy for them.





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