CAIR and Friends…The Real Haters

On April 24th, a town hall meeting featuring Dr. Bill Warner of,   author of several books on Sharia law and the doctrine of Islam.and esteemed international speaker was taking place in Farragut High School in Knoxville TN. The discussion was part of an ACT for America meeting, sponsored by its local chapter. The procedures on using the public school facility were  properly adhered to according to the Knox County Facilities Use Policy.

On April 11 we received word from a snitch at CAIR, that they would be announcing CAIR had been successful in getting the school board to cancel the event since the muslims had touted it as hate speech  How does CAIR define hate and why are we allowing a known acknowledged terrorist organization to do so?

Their definition of hate is one who disagrees with muslims.

Allow us to show you some examples of hate, taken directly from the Annoor Islamic Academy in Knoxville TN. The same city and same muslims that are sniveling about EVERYTHING, including local hijabi Remiya Suleyman and Abdulrahman Murphy, who just happens to be a friend of Suleymans, and is an instructor at the Annoor Academy.

At issue is a textbook used at the Annoor Academy called ” What is Islam” authored by Yayiha Emerick, of “How to turn America into an Islamic State” nonsense.The superior  attitude and tone of this textbook certainly portrays a different viewpoint of what the muslim community hails before media, or in public.  The textbook reveals feelings about Jews and Christians they certainly don’t want to be exposed. The following are pages taken directly from this textbook. ( Thanks to our friends at







textbook excerpt

So what would this intolerant, anti Christian,  anti Jewish rubbish be called? Sounds like hate to me. It is evident there is no tolerance for anything but Islam in the eyes of these muslims.

But it gets better. Along with the textbook, Islamist and friend of CAIR- Hamas is a young woman that knighted herself the interfaith expert, Remziya Suleyman.  For her to attack someone that has more knowledge about her own religion and doctrine is farcical.  Listen to her own words describe she didn’t know anything about what sharia law was: (best viewed with chrome)



Perhaps the very islamists that are crying about Dr Warner and his knowledge should attend one of his forums and bring pencil and paper so they can learn.

Perhaps we need to start calling these Islamists for what they are…haters.





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