The Religion Communicators Councils Double Standard

The Religion Communicators Council (RCC) held its annual convention this past weekend  at the Inn at Opryland in Nashville Tennessee.  What would have been an event that went un-noticed, instead was an event that brought attention to itself by some of its contents, namely its speakers. The RCC was originally a Protestant based organization that has since included more faiths as the diversity of the country is changing.  However, the most fundamental issue that was left off their agenda and was not addressed by their Muslim counterparts, was the persecution of Christians. Thousands of Christians have been slaughtered around the globe, and an organization as large and Christian as the RCC chose not to discuss it. Perhaps they should read their own history which states: “One constant council mission has been to promote excellence in secular coverage of faith topics”  The persecution of members of their own faith doesn’t deem coverage?

So, in an effort to shed light on a topic that should be blasted over pulpits around this country, a silent protest was planned with the hopes a member from the RCC and the media would entertain a statement that was read by a man quite familiar with persecution, Nader Fathy an Egyptian Coptic Christian.  Not only did this silent protest cause an un-necessary panic by the RCC, it caused security at the hotel to become belligerent towards anyone that admitted they were part of the protest.

The silent protest went on without a hitch, there were no arrests, no illegal activity, no chants, and no destruction of property. In fact, this protest was attended by professionals equal to those attendees  that were ridiculously hunkered down inside.

Despite the cowardice  and arrogance of the RCC’s  leaders, the statement was read, as scores of cars went by waving and blowing their horns. Overall is was a success in many ways.  One success being because one of their own attendees forwarded to us a 6 page memo written by Mr. Jay Rollins, foolishly trying to justify to himself and his “esteemed colleagues” they ( the RCC) had done nothing wrong.

For a man that appears to be somewhat intelligent, he obviously doesn’t  have a mind of his own. Within his lengthy memo he asserts ” This planned protest is simply a continuation of targeted harassment against some of our planned speakers who are local progressive muslims. The activity of and funding for these sorts of anti Islamic, anti immigrant groups has been well documented in the 2011 report Fear Inc: The Roots of Islamophobia .”

Ah, but hold on just a minute. Since you make an allegation we are all anti Islamic and anti immigrant, please articulate with facts how you came to that conclusion.

Now let me give you some facts about whom the RCC has mingled with.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been deemed a terrorist organization by Saudi Arabia

And Egypt as well


In a document presented as evidence in a federal trial in Dallas TX in 2008(   The following organizations were listed in that same document as being “friends” of the Muslim Brotherhood. Two of those organizations were the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and the IAP  Islamic Association of Palestine, which is now known as CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations)  Remziya Suleyman, the plenary speaker for the RCC conventions opening day, has spoken for and worked with CAIR, and the MSA 

cair az tweet on remziya remziya on speaking at msa campmuslimwhileamericanpreview2



In 2013, the RCC held its national convention In Indiana, and proceeded to be guests at the headquarters to ISNA  ( Islamic Center of North America) The number one organization listed in the Muslim Brotherhoods   list of like minded friends. During their jaunt to ISNA,  they met with Imam Mohammed Magid.

According to Clare Lopez, former CIA Operations Officer and co-Author of the book Shariah: The Threat to America:

“Muhammad Magid is not only the head of the ADAMS center, he is the son of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Grand Mufti of Sudan and current president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an MB front group named by the Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation – HAMAS (HLF) terror funding trial.”

RCC at isna and fesler


In June 0f 2011, the RCC invited former Imam at the Islamic Center of Nashville to speak at their local chapter meeting. It was during this meeting Mohammed Ahmed – stated that he supported the Egyptian police forced virginity tests performed on female protesters in Tahrir Square.  The imam explained:  “Why? It’s a very interesting fact that the police giving you a heads up, ‘oh, those people are not virgin’.  That’s mean they are not good people”.

So as not to be misconstrued here is the video clip of that statement. (Best viewed in Google chrome)


Finally, since the RCC is so smitten with Ms. Suleyman whom they feel is undoubtedly a religious young woman, perhaps they should see her admit in this video that she had no idea what sharia law was. Interesting, this comes from the self proclaimed princess of interfaith forums, and sharia is the doctrine of Islam. ( Best viewed in Google chrome)


So these are facts. We look forward to seeing yours.











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One Response to The Religion Communicators Councils Double Standard

  1. Rachel Welch says:

    Cathy, I forwarded this to Avi Lipkin and Bill Koenig who I saw last weekend in Orlando at a prophecy conference. They both spoke about the persecution of Christians going unreported. My aim is to hopefully get this word to them so they can highlight it on their websites and speaking tours. Tennessee needs a whole lot of help. Thanks for yours, Rachel “Rusty” Welch PCRP Chairman Cookeville TN Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2014 01:26:38 +0000 To:

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