Goodbye Freedom of Speech…




Given the unabated rise of Islamophobia, western Governments must be made to have more

appreciation and understanding of OIC concerns that Islamophobia, which manifests itself under

various forms of discrimination and intolerance against Muslims, carries potentially dangerous

consequences that will deeply and adversely impact international relations and imperil the internal

stability and social cohesion of western societies (pg33)


This is an excerpt taken from a document titled: SIXTH OIC OBSERVATORY REPORT ON ISLAMOPHOBIA October 2012 – September 2013   OIC ( Organization of Islamic Cooperation) which is one of many reports that have been compiled for the United Nations and Human rights Organizations that are demanding speaking out against Islam be made a criminal offense. It’s all packaged in  U.N resolution 16/18, called the Defamation of Religion Law, but specifically Islam.

Take the fact Muslims are being offended by every miniscule thing, and the appearance that they are constantly being targeted by ‘Islamophobes”    then think about how this would be implemented within the United States which has a Constitution, and first amendment called freedom of Speech. Knowing the battle that would ensue for suppressing that right, Muslims feel it imperative for another way to stifle those that are spreading the truth about this ugly ideology. Here are some recent examples of muslims interfering with the freedom of speech from

CAIR Welcomes ABC Family’s Cancellation of ‘Alice in Arabia’  “We welcome ABC Family channel’s decision to respond to community concerns by canceling plans for a program that had the potential to promote ethnic and religious stereotyping

Call on GOP Women’s Group to Stop Promoting Anti-Islam Speakers  The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling on American Muslims and all those concerned about the proliferation of Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry in our society to contact the NFRW to ask the group to end its support of

Chesterfield School Board candidate issues apology: Hours before attending Friday prayers at a mosque, Chesterfield County School Board candidate Bob Olsen said Muslims he met with previously were so excited about being involved in the campaign that “you’d have thought I was getting ready to start a jihad

CAIR-MI: Putting an End to the “A” Word in Muslim Community: Black Americans who are Muslims who understand Arabic, when we hear, “Abeed,” to us it is the equivalent to the N-word.” said Dawud Walid, with Michigan’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


So turning  the control of the internet over to foreign countries, including those that are sharia compliant, is the perfect way to stop the truth from growing.  By allowing foreign countries to make decisions as to what is considered offensive, hateful and anti Muslim, it takes the onus off the government of the United States. It also would ease any political backlash.


This isn’t new. This has been coming for years with the help of groups like CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) that commit law fare jihad on a daily basis, and local mujahidin that instigate it.  

According to CAIR, and the muslim world, its acceptable to infer “Jesus is a Muslim”. So I guess they wont mind a billboard that says Allah is a Jew , or Mohammed was a pedophile   P-JESUS-BILLBOARD_30156


The entire Islamic world wants to suppress freedom of speech.   The United States along with the UN and the OIC (Organization on Islamic Cooperation are aiding in this occurring. This is only the beginning…










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