Williamson County Superintendent of Schools Looney is Just That..

This is a clip from the Williamson County Superintendent of Schools, Mike Looney on the Ralph Bristol Show Friday March 13 2014 on 99.7 WTN   Not only is it egotistical, it is offensive to anyone who has a child in his school district. Don’t ever believe for one second his intentions are noble, and all for the good of the children. Its all about the almighty dollar. Comparing the systematic dismantling of education which cost  $501 million dollars to implement, to a marriage that is too late to annul is abhorrent.  He doesn’t seem to mind marrying the salary that he makes though. Looney recently was the recipient of a 5% raise bringing his salary to $191,877. No wonder he does anything the government tells him to do.  Looney is bought and paid for by the very government officials that insist common core be implemented.


Mr. Looney, being the  professional he is , sent this tweet out on Sunday apparently deeming those that disagree with his stance on common core “irrational” . Irrational? Really? I don’t thing you have seen irrational yet. You are toying  with our children’s education and future, which should be your first priority.

Today Mr. Looney penned an open letter ( http://www.williamsonherald.com/home?id=86818) in which once again, his pompous attitude, and utter disregard for what parents want were poked at.

Claims that the standards are the end all be all are not true and fears of an ensuing Armageddon for public schools are not rational. Standards are standards are standards” 

“Recommendation: Don’t believe the CCSS are a silver bullet or setback for us. Stay the course

As long as we are being irrational, where did the figure “almost a billion dollars” come from? This excuse of     being too late is a joke. Who determines its too late?    Is it too late to get rid of you Mr.  Looney?

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