Common Cores Other Agenda Part One


What a shocker, the U.S Department of Education will be overseeing the assessment test design for the new national standards.   So the government IS involved. The federal government will be dictating your childs education and in effect, white washing any truth of anything you have ever taught your child.   Who is the driving force behind the scenes?  Where does the real template for common core come from? Among the most talked about is Arne Duncan, and Bill Gates, but what about the not so talked about?

In August of 2013,  Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education and Sal Khan (Khan Academy) participated in a Google+ “hangout” ,where Duncan praised innovators such as Khan, stating “Like Khan Academy,  the Department of Education is continuing to work to innovate in education and secure that the next generation can have all the educational opportunities they deserve”

Sal Khan, founder of the Khan Academy is an American born Muslim who developed a website that   “allows anyone, anywhere to take over 4,500 individual classes online, free of charge. across disciplines and academic grade levels, Khan Academy courses have allowed millions of individuals to learn something new”.

Duncan believes this is the new way of learning unlike the “Neanderthal” ways of the past.

Khan seems to be the new hot ticket, as he and Bank of America have partnered to offer online classes on financial matters. Khan also is the author of The One World Schoolhouse which Khan believes is a “virtual extension” of  his philosophy.

Khan has been named the number 91 Muslim Hero according to the website  where he joins the ranks of Sihajj Wahajj, Ahmed Bedier, Zahra Billoo and several other Muslims known for their radical, and sometimes terrorist organization  connections.  Khans  is just one area the U.S Department of Education is experimenting with in using the internet to teach your children.

sal khan muslim hero

But it gets even more scary..

In 2011 The Qatar Foundation International , partnered with the Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to promote a marriage between students  in the U.S. and international schools through the “Connect All Schools” project.  (  The stated goal of this initiative is to connect every school in the United States to the world by 2016.

So while foreign countries are invading your childs classroom, grant money is pouring in to assure these programs will work. Two schools in Tucson AZ were recipients of  $465,000   intended to implement “innovative curricula and teaching materials to be used in any Arabic language classroom”. This is money that comes from a foundation with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is an offshoot of Hamas.

In 2012, public schools in Harlem NY were given $250,000 from the Qatar foundation for a pilot program in which students voluntarily learned Arabic, however this year, it will be mandatory for students in second grade through 5th grade to learn the language. Many are wondering why its necessary.

Then there is the Qatar Foundations project in City Center DC. The 1,400-square-meter cultural center, called Al Bayt, (Arabic for “home”),  which will feature “state of the art, interactive experience” which will engage students in Qatari culture “without leaving the states”. “Al Bayt will be a state of the art, interactive experience that will immerse students in different aspects of the culture, language, architecture, design and more.”  According to Sahar Al Ansari,  he will be featured as   a “Virtual Ambassador ” guiding people through the space while demonstrating their different perspectives and experiences, as well as their similarities, to an American audience. The ambassadors spoke about their language, religion, lifestyles, family and the environment of their region and homes

Are you seeing a trend here?

Back on the home front, we see organizations such as the Council on Islamic Education (CIE) which now goes by the Institute on Religion and Civic Values. The Council on Islamic Education was founded in 1991 to provide academic support and scholarly resources about Islam and Muslim history to K-12 textbook publishers, educators, and others. One of those involved in the research and writing of these books is Shabbir Mansuri who has stated ” I am waging a “bloodless” revolution, promoting world cultures and faiths in America’s classrooms”. 




The CIE ( IRCV ) is: The Leading contributor and consultant to publishers of textbooks that include Islamic-related content

Promoting  sanitized, inaccurate information about Islam in K-12 education


Has associations with the Islamic Saudi Academy, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), front groups for the anti-Christian, anti American, and anti Israel Muslim Brotherhood

Mansuri also has 2 articles published on, an Islamic resource website often referred to educators as the go to site for Islamic education materials.

The 2 articles are

  and Muslim Schools VS. Public Schools.

Both of these articles can be found under the document tab above.

Coming up in Part 2, more info on the Islamic connection to common core.


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5 Responses to Common Cores Other Agenda Part One

  1. Kaye says:

    Folks, my first suggestion is to take the time to read and dwell upon 2 Chronicles 7:14 . . . IT IS TIME TO ACT upon His INSTRUCTIONS. The time is now, we must fight the hard fight, and STAND for what is right, we must commit ourselves to follow His will!! For the love of our Faith, Families, State, and Nation. It is INDEED SHOW TIME. . .

  2. Chris Cecil says:

    Felt it. Now I know it.

  3. Julie says:

    Also important to know is, this is not a war for the Christians against any other religion. I promise you guys, hatred for another religion is not what God wants our hearts or minds engaged in. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in HIGH PLACES. I am not just spouting this off from the perspective of someone that doesn’t understand your frustrations. A couple of years ago, I prayed for the truth so that I would not fall into deception…..after this prayer God opened my eyes after I committed myself to studying to show myself approved, so that I may know the truth. As a Christian we know for a fact that satan has been conspiring against God’s people since the beginning, it started with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Satan will continue his tireless efforts to conspire against God’s people. Jesus has given us a way back to the Father through his death, burial, and resurrection, We are under the New Covenant, we are to turn the other cheek, we are to love our neighbors as ourselves and even love our enemies. Remember what Jesus said on the cross, “Forgive them Father for they know NOT what they do.”
    With that being said, let me say this….I remember where I was on 9/11/2001, I accepted the official story that the Muslims with box cutters took down our planes and I was first so deeply saddened, then I became mad. I like many other Americans decided war was the only way to find justice. However, 10 years later we still haven’t solved the mystery of who EXACTLY was behind the horrendous attacks on our soil. Were still losing our soldiers in a war that no one will win. Our country has put into place so many forced executive orders that claim to protect us while stripping us of our freedoms. I cannot even begin to list all of the “scandals” that have occurred within our govt. since 9/11. Our country is slipping out from under our feet quicker than quick sand.
    There have been careful steps taken to ensure that our freedoms be taken away, our country is being taken down from within. I am sure that everyone can see this, but I can assure you that it is not being done by just any ONE person or religion.
    The goal has been to the destruction of ALL religions…..but especially Christianity. I had fallen into the deception of blaming the Muslim so called radical faith. But after careful research and study of the Word of God, it is clear to see that it is an ideology that has worked in history…a strategy of rubbing one group up against another in order to cause friction. This causes Christians to have a hatred for another people (which we are commanded to love our enemy) and thus we end up falling right into satan’s plan. I read the article and it is very upsetting, but just know that these people are only a part of satans plan and they are working out his plan. Do not allow hatred to fill your heart, that will not be the answer to all of our problems. Make sure you check yourself every once in a while with the word of God. Look up the Hegelian Dialectic, it is the strategy the Powers that be causing the problem in order to offer a “SOLUTION” but not just any solution but their solution. It is like creating a life threating disease and making the antidote at the same time. This strategy is old and has been practiced for a long time. Be aware of what is going on but guard your heart and mind making sure you are not being filled with hatred.

    • Babe in the woods says:

      Julie, That’s the best comment I have read in years. I believe you are spot on! I absolutely refuse to get sucked into all the hate mongering and division taking place and I have begged my family to keep their heads clear and to stay above this nonsense as well. Thank you for the added advice and God bless!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s right to hate those who would subjegate or kill us because of or beliefs. When we negate the observations and conclusions of our minds to the etherial belief in a supreme being, do we likewise abandon the natural right to defend ourselves? Nazi’s, Facists, Oriental deiests and godless athiests all would have( and still do) seen us defeated, destroyed. This Muslim Cult (not a religion) is the vilest thing ever proposed by man. The founder, Mohammod, was a vile excuse for a man, rejected even by his own family. He secured his position of power through violence’ mayhem robbery butchery and visions without proof. To oppose him was to die. Any small religion that existed (history says as many as 600 such) was eliminated, tree and root. His band of thieves profited from any commerce and thrived. Today the oil money is backing the effort to entrench the cult in such a way that it won’t be unrooted. Fear for the lives of your progeny, for the future will be perverted by this empire.

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