Amazon Supporting CAIR..

The mecca of all online shopping is supporting the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in a program called Amazon Smile. To be fair, there are hundreds of legitimate charitable organizations signed on to this program, but perhaps the higher ups of Amazon don’t now who they are supporting.

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Amazon support CAIR


According to their charity eligibility requirements, any group applying must meet these standards:

amazon highlighted

CAIR is one of several un indicted co conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial, which was the United States’ largest terrorism funding case to date. In one of their own documents from 1994,titled

Meeting Agenda for the Palestine Committee 7/30/1994     they clearly show how CAIR was part of the funding to Hamas.

CAIR Hamas document

And, it gets worse..

CAIR, whose founders  Nihad Awad, and Omar Ahmed,were former members of the IAP ( Islamic Association for Palestine) which was a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.

(To read more about CAIR, go to the CAIR tab located at the top of this page)

Amazon further states in their eligibility requirement that Amazon “relies on the US Office of Foreign Asset Compliance and the Southern Poverty Law Center to determine which registered charities fall into these groups”

A simple search  of “Holy Land Foundation” on the US Office of Foreign Assets results in several articles pertaining to the trial that occurred in Dallas TX in 2008. Relying on the Southern Poverty Law Center is another problem in it of itself. Unfortunately that organization lists anyone that uses the first amendment to disagree with leftist ideologies as a terror threat. They are not to be taken seriously, so it is difficult to understand how a company like Amazon has aligned itself with them.

As if supporting CAIR wasn’t bad enough, shoppers have an option when choosing an organization to select several different chapters of CAIR.

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amazon CAIR chapters

Some of those CAIR chapters are led by leaders that hold radical philosophies, are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and have anti American,  and anti Jewish sentiments. CAIR Michigan is run by Dawud Walid who has had these things to say:

dawud on zionists getting what they deserve

On Columbus Day:

dawud on columbus day1 dawud on recognizing columbus day

So , how does such a large, American company such as Amazon allow a terrorist organization such as CAIR to be part of their Amazon Smile program?

We don’t have those answers yet, but we know CAIR is smiling.

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