Remziya Suleyman and Her Hater Friends.. oh and Supporters

As the old saying goes, “you lay down with dogs, you get fleas”.The liberals in Nashville must be loaded. But what will it take to make those same lefties, including some from the Jewish community see that their “friend” , the ambassador of interfaith forums Remziya Suleyman has surrounded herself with “haters”. haters of whites, haters of Americans, and haters of Jews.

Tweets from Ms. Suleymans  bff, (best friends forever) :

drost on israel (2)

drost on zionism in nashville

We aren’t just talking about a casual acquaintance of Ms. Suleymans either. Drost Kokoye, and Remziya Suleyman are inseparable. Ms. Kokoye at least makes no bones about being the hater she is, Ms. Suleyman just continues with her deception, and the liberals cant get enough of her. Judith Raskin Saks is proof.

jusdith saks

Ms. Saks is a member of the Jewish Federation of Nashville and the Religious Communicators Council. Ms Saks has seen first hand some  of the  radical Islamists Suleyman associates with, such as Dawud Walid, the Director of CAIR in Dearborn MI, another “hater”. Saks was also present at the 2011 Religious Communicators Council Convention when former Imam of the ICN, Mohammed Ahmed (another good friend of Suleymans and Kokoyes) stated he approved of forced virginity tests on female protesters during the Arab spring, and that non virgins are “not good people”.

So one would think, after seeing and hearing proof of whom Saint Suleyman has for best friends, one would pull away and see their real agenda. To the contrary, Ms. Saks only sees a post about Suleyman as “cowardice” due to its anonymity.

remziya on judith saks comment

So perhaps, if Ms. Saks takes the time to view the latest video from a named source, she will rethink  her friendships with “haters”.

(video best viewed with google chrome) If not able to view follow this link


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