Remziya Suleyman and Her Diminishing Credibility

If she ever really had any to begin with. One would expect a self-described deeply religious, practicing Muslim woman such as Remziya Suleyman to be well versed in the doctrine of her  own religion, especially since she claims to be the “voice of Muslims ” in Middle Tennessee.  Ms.Suleyman has this incredibly pompous air about her as she strolls through the halls of the Capitol, meeting with “politicians”, persuading them to join her in furthering her and her Islamist organizations agenda.

Perhaps they don’t hear the things she says or read the things she writes. If they did they would know how inept and deceitful she really is. Below is a tweet that a friend chastised her for not correcting. Following that is an excerpt from a forum Ms. Suleyman participated in, where clearly she states she had no idea what Sharia law was, but how quickly she had to learn “cuz I gotta go talk to politicians” Really?

What else has Ms Suleyman embellished or lied about? How can she ever be taken seriously,   more importantly why would anyone?

nader on telling remziya pic is fake

Video is best viewed through google chrome, if unable to view video click on this link and go to minute  44.30

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2 Responses to Remziya Suleyman and Her Diminishing Credibility

  1. Jerome Gordon says:

    Remziya is being dumped on by fellow Kurds who in a fit of pique in a Tweet suggested that they are Islamophobic. Odd? Most pictures of Kurdish women in the Syrian autonomous homeland fighting against Al Qaeda group don’t wear Remziya’s elaborate headgear. But sitting next to Mohammed Elibiary, arch Muslim Brotherhood representative inside DHS in the panel discussion must have been a “high” for Ms. Suleyman.

  2. LISA says:

    she is indeed a piece of work…hey gal – we need to talk & catch up!! 

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