Islamist Remziya Suleyman Says American History is “BS”

So the self-appointed voice of Middle Tennessee Muslims, Remziya Suleyman has once again shown her anti American streak. A bill that would ensure students learn about the founding documents of this country, like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights seems to be  a sticky issue with Ms Suleyman as she is concerned that it would “downplay” and “distort”   information on recent immigrants and religious minorities.

Ms. Suleyman, of all people should appreciate those documents as she is of Kurdish decent from Iraq. With the explosion of immigrants arriving in the state of Tennessee, this portion of the bill makes great sense.

Interestingly enough, this tweet sent out by Ms Suleyman, verifies her true feelings about  our great country that no doubt accepted her with open arms when she landed here.  Another slap in the American face is she sent this out on 9/11.

new shot

Really Ms. Suleyman? The American History you were taught was BS? It’s amazing how Suleyman and her other Islamist friends use the First Amendment to protect their “religious” rights, but have no regard for the rest of the founding documents.

Perhaps someone should advise her newest cohort, State Rep. Harold Love of Nashville, whom she welcomed for an interview for a project on her organization the ACO ( American Center for Outreach)  he should distance himself from the two-faced radical before it’s too late. By all accounts, he seems to echo her stance on the textbook issue as well.  Perhaps Mr Love isn’t aware of Ms Suleymans affiliations with Muslim Brotherhood organizations such as CAIR(Council on American Islamic Relations) , and the MSA (Muslim Student Association). Or maybe he is. Whatever the case may be, Ms. Suleyman uses anyone she can that will lend legitimacy to her agenda, she has to, she is the queen of embellishing and lies.

remziya with harold love


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3 Responses to Islamist Remziya Suleyman Says American History is “BS”

  1. Does this genius actually have documented evidence or is it all just BS? hmmm

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love America or leave it. No one is holding her here

  3. Perhaps she is a college student, and she didn’t like her Bachelor’s in Science (BS) in American History?! Ahahhaha! I troll! 🙂 Just post something similar on her tweet, it doesn’t matter if it’s years later! 😛

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