I’m a Hater? Really?

So if those that disagree with Islamists are haters, Islamophobes and bigots, what does all the trash talk coming out of Remziya Suleymans best friend Drost Kokoye deem her to be?

Seems Ms. Kokoye has a huge chip on her shoulder, that quite frankly someday will get knocked off, and rightfully so. She claims to be an activist for Muslims and Kurds, but what is more apparent is she is just racist.

Drost Kokoye is a racist. She considers herself brown, but I would say she is just dirty white. Talk about haters, she hates everything about “white folk” and America. Perhaps she should be reminded of the white folks that took her and her family in when they first came here.

Perhaps she should be reminded it’s mostly white liberals that embrace her and her friend Remziya, as seen here in the Nfocus magazine that did a short column on the ACLU awards ceremony. Drost had this to say:

drost on rich white folk magazine


Probably the most offensive to a white couple that cared for Kokoye and her family as they arrived in our country was this post: Click on link:

drost on white grandparents

Then there is this:

drost on white people (2)

And this:

drost on white people


drost on white bubble

So the next time Ms Kokoye and her friends call anyone a hater, bigot or Islamophobe, remind her she is a proven racist

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