Ignorance or Arrogance..Sumner County Schools Unwillingness to View Truth

There comes a time, when a school district needs to re access their obligations, and their own agenda. Case in point, the Sumner County Schools District which has been in the spotlight since their field trips to a radical mosque were exposed. Remarkably, the administration never acknowledged what they have learned about that mosque, but rather quickly and quietly ended trips to all religious worship houses. Funny, not one of the other houses of worship were led by radical, terrorist organization  (Muslim Brotherhood) supporting leaders like the Islamic Center of Nashville is.

In light of all the above, one would think the superintendent, and his teachers would be mortified at best that they had rubbed elbows with MB supporters, and would scramble to learn everything they could in the process.

But, like so many typical administrations in our schools, it was swept under a rug with the hopes no one would ever bring it up again. Enter an offer by a parent to supplement the remainder of the curriculum with a documentary that speaks to the truth about that very mosque. The purpose of this offer was to let students and educators see the other side of life that happened literally in their own back yard.

There lies the problem. The truth cant be told, because it might offend the very group that hoped to plant a seed about their “religion” to your child.

In an email to the parent involved, Jennifer Brown, the Assistant Director for Instruction for the Sumner County School District says this “The World Studies curriculum does involve an in-depth look at the history and culture of the Middle East, and no teacher would do this study justice without discussing the conflict that has created the Middle East as we know it.  The conflict enters our homes on a daily basis thanks to the World News.  World Studies teachers would be remiss if they did not discuss it.

Pictured: Jennifer Brown, Assistant Director for Instruction


Bingo! So why would a documentary based on the true story of a young man radicalized at the mosque the school held field trips to not fit the conflict Ms. Brown refers to? Ms. Brown, Mr. Phillips and the teachers involved , are in fact being quite remiss by not allowing this film to be shown. An excellent alternative was presented by the parent, to show the film as an extra credit option. The idea was turned down by Ms. Brown, without an explanation other than this:

“Regarding your suggestion of a curriculum resource, I have spoken with the World Studies teachers at Hendersonville High School and feel confident they have enough materials that comply with state standards to complete the Middle East unit.”
Really? Is Ms. Brown suggesting the ” Teacher Created Resources INC” or “Dedicatedteacher.com”   where the material they are currently using  came from is state approved? If so I would ask to see the approved list they appear on.
Regardless, the pompous attitude displayed in Ms. Browns emails are indicative of the disingenuous stand she takes. So what really lies beneath her reasoning? Is it empathy towards the islamists or political correctness gone overboard?
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2 Responses to Ignorance or Arrogance..Sumner County Schools Unwillingness to View Truth

  1. David. says:

    Cathy, these school administrators for the most part are nothing but education establishment bureaucrats.

  2. Amy says:

    Amen David!

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