Dawa, the True Form of Islamic Deception

The very idea that an art project be used to further an agenda of a “religion” is preposterous and dangerous. While the officials of Murfreesboro TN, specifically the mayors, applaud the artistic creations of the children in its school system, they fail to grasp the fact they have been used. Used by a community that has benefited from the freedoms of our society, all the while planting their seeds of their ideology.

The Murfreesboro Peace and Justice art project , by all accounts seems innocent. The request for school children to submit a project within the theme of “Branches of One Tree, Rooted in Love,” and be part of a competition with a monetary prize is certainly a worthwhile effort.  Yet,The real theme lurks in the background like a thug in an alley. That would be the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. The deception has surfaced in the form of art, and once again the Islamists have been able to use the community  ( due to lack of leadership) of Murfreesboro to gain more ground.

The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has been proven to be a Muslim Brotherhood organization, using the “religious” dogma as their front. The art project committee consists of one of the strongest linked members of the Ikwhan, Saleh Sbenaty. The ICM has become more brazen, and more empowered , and will only continue to do so thanks to those  “leaders”in the City of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County that refuse to have a spine and call it what is it. A terrorist organization. From  school Superintendents, Linda Gilbert and Don Odom, to the mayors  Ernest Burgess and Tommy Bragg, the Muslim Brotherhood   has made a fool of you all.  I know I know, the Muslim Brotherhood is in Egypt. Please tell that to The ICM’s  Imam Ossama Bahloul, who hails from Egypt, received his degree at Al Ahzar , finishing 4th out of 200 students. He also lead a committee under the Al Ahzar “Student Union”. Al Ahzars Student Union, is yes, the Muslim Brotherhood, and is currently suffering due to their support of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why is it , Bahloul  picked Murfreesboro out of all the places in the world? Doesn’t anyone wonder why?

Saleh Sbenaty is no better either. Mr Sbenaty fled from Syria,  during the 1982 Hama massacre at the time when the government was either jailing or killing members of the Muslim Brotherhood. His association with the Muslim Student Association on the campus of MTSU, his relationship with Nihad Awad, the terrorist from CAIR that openly supports Hamas, and his involvement with Jamal Badawi, a known top leader in the Ikwhan all leave one amazed  with the true philosophy of Saleh Sbenaty.

“But they are such nice men”. is a comment that has been heard after attending “interfaith” forums. Yes they are, why they are even human! However that does not relieve them of the agenda they strive to complete, or the mindset that one day all will follow the laws of their prophet Muhammad, called the sharia. It is mandated in their doctrine.

So, until leaders of our communities , including the religious ones, come to their senses, and stop being made to look like idiots, we can only expect the Muslim Brotherhood and their sort to become more powerful, more entrenched and more excepted. Just remember, in Islam, they are allowed to deceive and to lie, all in the name of Islam. wonderful.


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4 Responses to Dawa, the True Form of Islamic Deception

  1. usar4me says:

    The Mayor and school board are not being deceived or misguided… they are wholly complicit with the not so hidden message in this program. The best thing the people of Murphysboro could do would be to start a recall petition for their mayor and every other member of government and the School Board that approves of such events… it is time to act not too sit back and watch as these elected officials abuse their offices and the peoples trust.

    Hold them accountable… stop with the foolish rhetoric in the hopes of changing these REPROBATES… by now it should be obvious that they will not hear the people they represent and it is time for the people to RECALL EVERYONE OF THEM… don’t give them one day more in office than is absolutely necessary… recall or demand their resignation… or better, do both.

  2. I am sure sorry to see you go, but I do hope you take me up on my idea of helping with my show on Saturdays….for one segment about the muslim brotherhood and islam. You know so much about that…and I would love to have you as my first guest in over 2 years. And maybe have you back often? I don’t know if you got this…but Duke wrote us a great parting email about you. If you want, email me and I will give you a copy. It spoke volumes of what he thinks of you.

  3. Mae says:

    I’m upset by this article. I’m Catholic, and I want to be able to practice my faith openly and without repercussions. If we deny the Muslims their right to interact with the community, who will be next? You can’t just block a whole religion from something peaceful (and no art project about togetherness could be described as anything but peaceful) without opening them up to do the same to us!

    • ch565 says:

      Mae, I understand and appreciate your concern and feelings. The problem is not about the religion in this case, the problem is about the hidden sponsors and agenda behind the art project. Where on their website, or in any article pertaining to the art exhibit did it state the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro was accepting donations for their mosque or that they were awarding donors a plaque to be placed in city hall as a way of thanks for supporting them? In their invite, it directed donors to pay the imam of the mosque, or a specific member of the mosque. How does this have anything to do with the art project? Please read more of my articles and also please take the time to look at http://www.politicalislam.com
      perhaps you aren’t aware of the persecution and slaughter of thousands of Christians at the hands of Muslims throughout the world. Please look at this information, and then decide if we should continue to support this community.

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