Freedom of Speech In Jeopardy Thanks to the U.N

One has to wonder if all the scandals that have occurred over this year have been a distraction so the current administration could literally sign away the rights and freedoms of its people. Yes, the distractions have been serious incidents, some of which no one could control, however while Americans fretted over the IRS,  and NSA , a law was being created by the likes of Hillary Clinton, the U.N and the OIC ( Organization of Islamic Cooperation) An international law at that.

The damage the White House is doing to America has only begun. With the stunning declaration that Secretary of State John Kerry has concern about the Muslim Brotherhood being deemed a terrorist organization in Egypt, is a blatant sign this administration supports the terrorists, over the military regime.

Recognizing the Muslim Brotherhood has slithered its way into America since the 60’s and how they have created front groups spread from coast to coast should be a big clue as to the agenda they, and this administration hold.

The Muslim “ikwhan” has always held the same philosophy…the entire world will be an Islamic Caliphate. Facing harsh pushback from those that are awake and get the message of the brotherhood, the brotherhoods members  have  created hundreds if not thousands of false incidents, thereby making them “victims” of discrimination and “islamophobia” hence the creation of a law that will criminalize all speech, writings and events held by those  teaching the truth about their goals.

The law has a lengthy name, but the shortened version is the “Defamation of Religion Law”. Make no mistake, it isn’t about protecting any religion other than Islam.  As the recommendations reads, all people shall be “tolerant” of Islam, and all people shall be made aware of the doctrine of Islam. Programs are being designed for government,  law enforcement, the military and citizens so we may all understand the plight of the Muslims in America, as well as the religion itself. Pure Dawa.

Click on the link to see an Imam demanding a “blasphemy” law at the 2012 Muslim day Parade in NYC


While America was watching scandal after scandal unfold on their televisions and computers, The White House was busy paving the road for the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda. The very freedoms and rights the  Islamists are enjoying are being used against the very citizens that fight everyday to protect them..

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States of America are being trashed and changed every day. What’s worse is the clandestine  adoption of Sharia Law, under the guise of tolerance and awareness, and now called “international law”




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One Response to Freedom of Speech In Jeopardy Thanks to the U.N

  1. It is too bad that more American people don’t know this. I know I am going to be doing my part on my blog, in my you tube video’s and my show. Thanks for the information Cathy. If you didn’t listen to it….the last part of my show on Saturday was all about the muslim brotherhood and what is going on.

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