U.S Declares Muslim Brotherhood not a Terrorist Organization, but Egypt Does..Huh?

Here we are at the end of another year, a time for reflection of the past and promises for the future.  Without sounding like the dreaded pessimist, or conspiracy theorist, the year ahead may be a difficult, and life changing one for all of us,

One of the biggest and  most pivotal events to happen this year was conducted on December 25 in Egypt as the Muslim Brotherhood was once again declared a terrorist organization with all activities banned and leaders detained  Oh, but that is “over there”, it has no bearing on the United States.  ( That is a sentiment we hear over and over ) What those uneducated individuals don’t see is how prevalent the Muslim Brotherhood is in every state, city and town.

Perhaps the liberals, or those with leftist tendencies envision the Muslim Brotherhood as thugs dressed as the Taliban or Al Qaeda   on television. Perhaps they should know the Muslim Brotherhood in America is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They have promised to take over the non muslim world, so wearing suits and ties and uniforms is the best camouflage they could use.

What should have been a no brainer response from the White House and State Dept  with the agreement of the Muslim Brotherhood being a terrorist organization not happening ,has only served them to be empowered and protected in the United States. Isn’t allowing a terrorist organization to invade our country, work in the White House and effectively change the way of life of its citizens treason?

The Muslim Brotherhood has perfectly fit  the criteria outlined by the U.S Dept. of State. http://www.state.gov/j/ct/rls/other/des/123085.htm

1) Must be a foreign entity.  The MB is based in Egypt, with leaders living in Qatar. Check

2) Organization must engage in terrorist activity  or retain the capability and intent to engage in terrorist activity or

3)  The organization’s terrorist activity or terrorism must threaten the security of U.S. nationals or the national security (national defense, foreign relations, or the economic interests) of the United States   Check.

At the same time, the OIC ( Organization of Islamic Cooperation) is moving swiftly to implement a law, (an international one at that) called the ” Resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council 16/18 Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence and violence against, persons based on religion or belief”  Or also known as the “Defamation of Religion Law” .

In a report just released on Dec 11 2013, the OIC is recommending several options to the western world.

“Adopting measures to criminalize incitement to imminent violence based on religion or belief”;

In order to combat Islamophobia and foster tolerance and mutual understanding based on international human rights standards, States, international organizations and non-state actors should:

1) Take all necessary measures to ensure that the Media assumes its responsibility to portray positive initiatives at all levels of society and refrains from associating extremism and terrorism to Islam, and Muslims.

2)Take all necessary measures in order to prevent racial/religious profiling and other forms of institutionalized Islamophobia;

 3) Conduct public awareness campaigns and specific programmes for governmental officials and also for citizens in order to combat Islamophobia;

In the United States of America, we have laws that protect all people from violence as well as discrimination. The implementation of an international law to force the tolerance and awareness of Islam is a dangerous road we are unfortunately headed down.

You must understand the correlation between the Muslim Brotherhood and all its front groups within the U.S and the Defamation of Religion Law. With the MB holding positions of power from the White  House down to the governor’s of States, the enforcement of such laws will be of utmost importance, and the right of freedom of speech will soon disappear.

But why should you be concerned, the Muslim Brotherhood  :”over there”  is different from the Muslim Brotherhood in your own backyard.







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