What’s A Terrorist to do…Especially In Tennessee…


So the Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organization in Egypt. So where does that  leave all the organizations, their workers and supporters in Tennessee? All this time, Islamists such as Remziya Suleyman and her American Center for Outreach, CAIR-Hamas, and AMAC ( American Muslim Advisory Council) have been responding to anyone remotely associating them with the Muslim Brotherhood by labeling them “haters”, “Islamophobes”  or “bigots”.

CAIR is undoubtedly Muslim Brotherhood, as is the Muslim Student Association, MIST and MYNT, so lets see what Ms. Suleyman has to say now, especially since we have pictures of her promoting and participating with each of those groups. Lets not forget her relationship with MB member Mohammed Elibiary of the U.S Dept of Homeland Security either. Oh let me guess, it will be the Muslim Brotherhood “over there” is different. Really, please be prepared to articulate that one.

remziya at cair azremaiya and elibiary on new appt


Even more interesting is how will Governor Haslam explain to his constituents he has partnered and endorsed AMAC, ( American Muslim Advisory Council)  to train our law enforcement, and other government agencies.

AMAC Members with Dept of Children  and Family Services Rep.


amac with fbi


How about the Rutherford County School Board, and Murfreesboro City Schools acknowledging they brought Muslim Brotherhood  sponsors into our local public schools when they allowed Connecting Cultures to present “Arab Culture” training in May of 2011?


Then there is the Sumner County School Board, its teacher Ms Elmore, and the Metro Nashville School District that has allowed our children be exposed to the Muslim Brotherhood by sending them on a field trip for the last 10 years to a mosque run by Muslim Brotherhood supporters, specifically Imam Mohammed Ahmed of the Islamic Center of Nashville who now has shuffled his name around and travels the world for  unknown purposes.



Seems to me there should be an outpouring of demands to eliminate any and all contact with any of the organizations and persons listed above.  Surely no one wants to be associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, the terrorist organization.


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