Why Do Gays Tolerate Islamists?

From our friends at www.tn4politicaljustice.wordpress.com

As expected GLADD and its gay politics used Duck Dynasty patriarch’s interview comments to promote the gay agenda and as usual, attack a Christian at the same time.

While they’re at it, the liberal-socialist-progressives demand that hurt feelings and offensive speech should dictate the First Amendment standards in our country.

Funny how when the Muslim Student Association at Vanderbilt hosted speaker and volunteer Muslim chaplain Awadh Binhazim who at a 2010 event confirmed that Islam dictates capital punishment for homosexuality, there was barely a peep from the TN Equality Project (TEP) or any of the Vanderbilt University gay and gay supporting student organizations.  The Vandy gay newspaper went to great lengths to downplay the whole incident.

TEP’s president at that time said that “TEP doesn’t agree with angry activism.”

Is that why TEP and other gay promoting organizations (perhaps the ACLU?), have no reaction to Tennessee’s well-known Muslim activist Remziya Suleyman when she and her friends mock the agenda of gay marriage?


Or how about when Islamist activists simply want to use the gay agenda for their own objectives  despite Islam’s view that homosexuality is a sin and “a crime against Allah.”

dawud on gays

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