More Islamist Deception From Nashville

What does one do when she is being discredited and exposed all over the country, but specifically Tennessee? She makes up stories to gain sympathy. Poor Remziya, she has declared herself a famous muslim , and people still pick on her. Or so she says. Even if a portion is true, everyone gets a rude comment once in awhile, its called life.

So Remziya is worried her true agenda and beliefs are being spread all over YouTube and the internet, as well as religious organizations who have contacted us regarding her reputation.

So what does she do? She states she was “practically harassed”. Then she goes on to say a man asked her if she was going to blow up. Come on. They have been using that line to gain sympathy for years. The point is, we have something called  freedom of speech. No where in the Constitution does it say offending someone is against the law.

remziya on being harassed

To complete her bogus story she states how she was “run off the road” a few years ago because she is a muslim. If in fact these incidents occurred, shame on the offenders, but we are learning this is the muslim way of getting out of uncomfortable positions or when they are being exposed.

Practically harassed? So  she wasn’t really harassed, but maybe only practically. Huh?

It is a way so many islamist organiztions are paving their way to demand a law in our country to specifically protect them. Its called UN Resolution 16/18, ( see the law under un resolution 16/18 under the document tab) better known as the Defamation of Religion Law. Don’t be fooled by the title, it only protects muslims. Oh   it will make it a federal crime to speak out against islam. That’s right, a law to protect muslims that includes not being able to voice the truth about who and what they are. They are using our own constitution against us.

She has no idea what being a victim of a “hate crime” is. How about the 400 Christians that were slaughtered in their villages in Africa last weekend. Scores of them had to flee to a nearby airport for the protection of French troops.( How about the Christians in the mall in Kenya that were mauled horrifically by the savages from Somalia claiming to be religious? Women had their breasts cut off, children were hung from ceilings, and men’s fingers were literally torn off their hands with pliers.

Sorry Remziya, those people were victims. You are not a victim, nor are your accomplices in the battle to destroy our way of life. You are a manipulator, and a deceiver. So is CAIR, and the other organizations you associate with.

The other victims are those falling for your religious façade, but the word is out all over the internet. What role will you play now?

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One Response to More Islamist Deception From Nashville

  1. arnoldsmama says:

    I wonder how many will be fooled by Remziya’s statement – when people like Stephanie stand up for me, Tennessee will change for the good? Remziya’s concept of change for the good is when Tennessee is islamic. But the bleeding hearts will never get it.

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