Time to Expose the ACLU


#CAIR-MD Participates in ‘Know Your Rights in School’ Workshop
 CAIR-MD Civil Rights Director Azim Chowdhury, along with Prince Georges’ County Public Schools’ Chief of Student Services Daryl Williams, served as panelists at an event hosted by the Prince Georges’ County Muslim Council on students’ religious rights in the school place.
 PGCMC President Jameel Johnson, who organized the event, saw a need for clarification after reports of inconsistent policies and unequal treatment of students in schools throughout Prince Georges’ County. …
 Chowdhury explained that the First Amendment protects individuals from government interference with religious beliefs. Federal law mandates that students have the right to freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion.
 At the request of the community and PGCMC, Chowdhury also spoke with legal counsel at PGCPS to explain basic Islamic concepts such as time limitations of the five daily prayers.
So Where does this leave the rest of us? What’s disturbing about this “panel” is it’s just another way the muslims are practicing Dawa ( the  proselytizing of islam) to public officials. The ACLU aka the  AMCLU (American muslim civil liberties union) has the audacity to sue any institution that even whispers about other religions, but muslims seem to get a free pass.
CAIR is a dirty, terrorist linked organization that insists they are in business to protect the rights of muslims. The ACLU is in business to protect the rights of all of us..hence the word American. Start paying attention to how CAIR is working and you will see they aren’t here to protect anything, they are here to change everything. Their lawsuits are frivolous, driven only by an agenda to replace our rights, freedoms and our culture. They don’t believe in man-made laws, but they sure are the first ones to use them. Our own freedoms are being used against us by the enemy

So where is the ACLU? Why aren’t they demanding muslims stop forcing their “religion” into public arenas? The ACLU needs to be investigated to see if perhaps they are accepting gratuities to help spread this propaganda. Maybe the ACLU isn’t as “American” as its title alleges. They certainly don’t act like it.
  As we look at what is happening in Middle Tennessee, it appears the islamists are running  rampant, and no one is stopping them. The ACLU, should be at the forefront of this battle, but instead the Executive Director Hedy Weinburg is busy presenting an award to Muslim Brotherhood paramour Remziya Suleyman. Ms Weinberg is clearly one of those lost souls that is smitten by islamists and their agenda.
 Pictured below:Hedy Weinberg Presenting 2013 Benjamin S. Pressnell Bill of Rights Award to Remziya Suleyman
Whats even more quaint is Hedy’s daughter Hannah Cornfield, has the same feelings. Hannah has been spotted with Remziya and her gang at various events, including an event in Manchester TN, this past June. Like mother like daughter, she also managed to twist the facts and tweeted these lies:  (Below) Really Hannah? I was there, and hate and violence wasn’t exactly the tone. The bottom line is the people of TN deserve an  organization that says it stands against discrimination  and means for all, not just for the muslims.
remziya manchester 9
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