Murfreesboro TN City Schools Looks to Hire “Arab” Outreach

It was by sheer luck this job posting was found.  It certainly wasn’t because it was posted for long. As a matter of fact, there is absolutely no mention of it anywhere, including in the school boards meeting minutes.



Murfreesboro City Schools posting reads: Part Time Arabic Outreach Coordinator.  (see full posting below) Whether they hired someone is unknown, but the entire occurrence stinks regardless.

As we have proven in the past with the Murfreesboro City School District,  (and the Rutherford County School District as well) they have a penchant for hiding anything to do with Islamists, by using the “Arab” word. Prime example, the May 3 2011   “Arab Culture Training” which was presented by the U.S Dept. of Justice, and Connecting Cultures, which is run and owned by a Muslim woman, Luby Ismail.  It just so happened emails between the DOJ liaison and the school district also were cc’d to Saleh Sbenaty, a board member of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.

So I venture to surmise, the Islamic Center has something to do with this job posting. What’s truly shocking is the blatant disregard for other ethnicities  and religions, once again. as pointed out to me by several community members who have emailed me, there is no African-American Outreach Coordinator, or Jewish or Christian outreach coordinators. Why is it the Islamists are once again in the forefront? Why are Rutherford County Schools so smitten with the Muslim Brotherhood and its  sort?

When will the school districts of Rutherford County, including their school boards realize the cover up is worse than the crime?

We will continue to investigate this duplicitous action, and when answers are made available, we will post them.


Murfreesboro TN

Part Time Arabic Outreach Coordinator (464)


Job Details

Title: Part Time Arabic Outreach Coordinator

Posting ID :  464



 CREDENTIALS: High School Diploma required, Bachelor’s Degree preferred.

OTHER QUALIFICATIONS: Must be fluent in Arabic and English

 adults, and families of various ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds. Must be able to schedule activities,

meetings, and/or other events; and to gather data. Must relate well to children, teachers, parents, colleagues, and

the community, with an emphasis on reaching the Arabic communities in Murfreesboro. Must have a cooperative,

helpful attitude toward people; be non-judgmental, confidential, highly organized, product, and passionate about the

development of others. Must be able to follow and give directions, make decisions, demonstrate skills in group

dynamics, analyze issues, creatively problem solve, and create action plans. Must have good verbal and written

communication skills. Must be a leader able to deal with diverse backgrounds/knowledge/skills who is dedicated to

development of the whole child, community partnerships, open communication, and collaboration.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Must have and maintain physical sensory, emotional, and mental abilities for

effective communication in person, in writing and by telephone. Must have good memory, be able to organize

thoughts and activities, do basic mathematical computations, and articulate clearly. Must be able to work occasional

nights and weekends, participate in occasional overnight travel, and provide own transportation during performance

of duty. Must be emotionally mature and able to appropriately handle stress.

PRIMARY DUTIES: This person has the responsibility for assessing Arabic student and community needs for the

purpose of suggesting plans of service to support educational objectives; coordinating community resources to meet

the needs of Arabic students and their families; and serving as liaison between the Arabic community and

Murfreesboro City Schools and its other community partners.


1. Model leadership that is collaborative, intentional, and purposeful.

2. Coordinate and conduct workshops (e.g. parenting skills, community resources, district programs, social

skill development, etc.) for parent and/or students of the Arabic community for the purpose of maintaining positive

home environments, building trust between families and Murfreesboro City Schools, and supporting the educational

programs of children.

3. Coordinate and conduct workshops for faculty, staff, and community agencies regarding how to work with

Arabic children and families.

4. Coordinate activities between the Arabic children and families and outside services, agencies, etc. (mental

health, medical, educational, etc.) for the purpose of enhancing programs for students and their families.

5. Coordinate ELL outreach activities and events specific to non-English speaking parents and families.

6. Maintain records for the purpose of documenting activities and complying with mandated requirements.

7. Provide accurate and timely reports as required.

In addition to essential job functions listed above, perform other duties as assigned.

STAFF RELATIONSHIP: Reports directly to the Coordinator of Community Initiatives

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  20-25 hours per week based on need, ten (10) months position

Shift Type : Part Time

Salary  Range : per hour

Location:  District wide

Applications Accepted

Start Date  8/15/2013

11/24/2013 4:21 PM

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3 Responses to Murfreesboro TN City Schools Looks to Hire “Arab” Outreach

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you know who was hired to fill this position? I would assume they have filed it since it was posted in AUG.

  2. tipofthespear says:


    Here is what I propose. If this job has been filled then we should coordinate efforts to push for a similar position for Jew, Hispanic, black, and white children to ensure that “opportunities” are open amd available for all and no one is left out.
    Lets play their game. I don’t have children in this district but sure would make phone calls and show up in support.

    Who’s willing to do more than just complain?

  3. The problem is much deeper than deceit… it goes to the management and leadership in the School board and the County Commission. It is time for the people to demand a recall election for the School Board and any other elected officials that are sympathetic or actively engaging in this sort of conduct.

    Here is a brief summary of the recall laws for Tennessee:

    Laws governing recall in Tennessee

    The recall of local elected government officials in Tennessee is governed by Tenn. Code Ann. §2-5-151, Tenn. Code Ann. §6-31-301 through Tenn. Code Ann. §6-31-307, Tenn. Code Ann. §6-36-102 and Tenn. Code Ann. §6-53-108.

    Who may be recalled?

    Local elected officials of charter cities or counties or other local “governmental entities”, according to §2-5-151. However, “the provisions of this section shall not apply to any county having a metropolitan form of government and a population greater than one hundred thousand (100,000), according to the 2000 federal census or any subsequent federal census.”

    “Any member of the board of education of the city elected or appointed to fill a vacancy”, according to §6-31-301.

    “Any council member of the city elected or appointed to fill a vacancy”, according to §6-31-306.

    For further information on recalls in Tennessee see:

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