U.S Dept of Justice Cancells School Board Meeting

Really? Why would the United States Department of Justice have any say about a school board meeting in Volusia County Florida? Well, they did. According to news sources, the school board was contacted by the DOJ after learning there were going to be dozens( or more) parents attending to protest the disproportionate amount of material in textbook regarding what else…Islam.

http://freepatriot.org/2013/11/11/us-doj-cancels-school-board-meeting-amid-protests-over-common-core-book/ >

It’s no surprise CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) , the Hamas organization is involved either. As a matter of fact, this Dept of Justice is in bed with CAIR and has been proven repeatedly to only align itself with the Muslim Brotherhood front group. So it makes perfect sense this government would step in to squash anything that will bring attention to this textbook issue, especially because it has gone national on some news outlets. CAIR, the DOJ and the islamists certainly are trying to keep the lid on this one.
It truly is only a matter of time this happens in other states. The mere fact there is pushback by parents regarding what their children are being exposed to and indoctrinated by is troubling to CAIR and its affiliates. So now attending a school board meeting to voice your concern and anger about islam being forced upon our children ( and country for that matter) will be looked upon as a “security risk” for the public. This will spread, no doubt. Parents in all states are fed up, but whats more troubling to CAIR and the islamists, is Americans are waking up to what is occurring.
Their is something in the air, and CAIR doesn’t like it.
But wait there is more…we predict this will occur in Tennessee fairly soon because their is a connection to the Florida’s CAIR leader Hassan Shibly and, are you ready for this.. Nashvilles own Remziya Suleyman! That’s right, Ms Suleyman has associated herself with Shibly , in that they both spoke at a CAIR event in Arizona, and seem to be on the same islamist page

As of yesterday, CAIR has managed to gain the sympathy of students and here’s a shocker, the democrats in Volusia County as well.. How did they do it? More taqiyya, or lies. CAIR has twisted the entire story to make those students believe its about the religion. The students then protested they wanted to learn about islam. Well can someone tell these kids, its not about the religion, its about the disproportionate scales. 4 paragraphs of Christianity and 38 pages of islam is the problem.


So, the fight is on. With the federal government rearing its ugly head again into t local affairs, my money is on CAIR

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