This Is Where Your Kids Are Going On Field Trips.. The Islamic Center of Nashville

There are a host of reasons why school districts shouldn’t be sending their students to a mosque, let alone the Islamic Center of Nashville.  The Imam that had been the leader of this mosque for the past several years has done a few things to raise eyebrows, including a slight name change. While at the ICN, he used Ahmed Mohammed. Today he is  Mohamed Alsherif. (Now, I clearly understand the naming convention of middle easterners, they  omit and add names at will.) But why did he change his name? perhaps to get away from the spotlight he has been in regarding statements he made in a video at the 2011 Religious Communicators Conference.

From 37:05 Alsherif speaks about the forced virginity tests on female protesters in Egypt, and that if a woman is not a virgin she is abnormal. He continues on to say in the ” culture ” of Egypt a woman not married and not a virgin is cause for honor killings.

In other news regarding Alsherif, he has been found posting the Muslim Brotherhood logo on his FB page, as well as pictures released showing of what he calls his protest, which is an anti coup protest.

So for the skeptics, it doesn’t get any better than and pictures, and true to form, no response to deny any of it.   For the parents, teachers, administrators and those that think it’s no big deal, I wouldn’t want my young daughter meeting this guy.  Obviously, a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood ideology,  Obviously changing one names is par for them as well.



al sherif

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One Response to This Is Where Your Kids Are Going On Field Trips.. The Islamic Center of Nashville

  1. Nyte says:

    Apparently the parents have no ideal what this cult is setting our Country up with, Many people are blind to that Obama is the man behind the Muslim Brotherhood. It is why he allowed them into America. To slowly integrate them into stream of the publics daily lives, so that people will never notice the changes. They think that before we see what is happening it will be too late to change things back after they integrate the sharia law into our Constitutional Lead Country! Sorry ragheads but you all can go home, because this will never come to pass! This is my country, I love my Constitution, I love my way of life and I love my freedom. I refuse to give up any of this to another country whose sharia laws will take over my life the way I live and who I will marry this also includes the death of men, women and children which I abhor that anyone would believe that their God wants anyone to die for silly and ignorant reasons.

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