Rutherford County School Board Dodges It’s Duties..Again

How is it officials that are put in positions of power to make decisions on behalf of the smallest, most precious members of our society, our children, are failing them so miserably? Parents give their children a foundation that most times is built upon when they enter their school years.  Good teachers and their administrators ultimately are hired to provide an environment that nurtures and mentors children for their future.

Several months ago, textbooks that have been in circulation within the schools across the state have been put under a microscope by parents and members of the community only to find  rampant biases and misinformation. Knowing a lot of these textbooks were up for adoption this year, these very dedicated textbook warriors spent their summer in local libraries inspecting and noting these discrepancies.

On October 7, 2013 the state textbook commission came forward in a packed house to announce they  agree, none of these textbooks should be accepted. This was  unprecedented ! The commission was praised by every activist, parent, community member and any one else that knew  the courage and honor it took to stand up and make the right decision.

On October 23, 2013 the commission met for an emergency session.  What was about to happen was disappointing, but more than that it was shady and dishonorable. The decision was overturned.  3 of the members of the commission that had originally had the courage to do the right thing, by voting against these textbooks,  suddenly decided to change their vote. What happened between Oct 7 and Oct 13 remains to be seen, but with the disgraceful decision made, disappointed parents and community members were told  by state officials to go back to their local school boards  to demand change there.

Fast forward to the evening of Oct 23, after a long, tedious day , witnessing the true lack of character by the state commission, it was time to head to the Rutherford County School Board meeting to advise them what the state suggested .

In a total disregard for the research, effort and time the parents had put forth in assuring these objectionable textbooks were rejected, once again, Mr. Odom and his gang were just as disgraceful.  Mr. Odom, the Director of Rutherford Schools, had the audacity to state there was plenty of time to peruse other textbooks, even though  there is an April deadline , 74 books to be evaluated and no committee in place as of yet to conduct this evaluation.   Further irritating the situation is the schools attorney, Jeff Reed, (who is as clueless as the paper his check is written on) That insists this is the states job, not the local school boards.

True to form, emails from the involved parties are going unanswered as Mr. Odom gets irritated when parents speak out against him and his board. But it isn’t just Don Odom, its Terry Hodge the chairman, Wayne Blair and Aaron Holladay. Four of thee most disingenuous men  who claim the children are their focus and concern. Really? Certainly not the case for Aaron Holladay. Mr. Holladay is up for reelection on the school board. Funny how he has the same line with everyone.   “I am on your side” , but don’t tell the other members. Even as one of the parents walked out of the meeting room, he ran after her to assure her he was on her side, he understands the problem, and oh by the way, I need your support to get reelected. Cowards.

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Parents, these textbooks are shaping your child’s future.  These textbooks contain gross biases and  shameful  misinformation on many levels and topics.  You need to do something. Attend your school board meeting, call on the school board to do their job, do something, but whatever you do don’t vote to put the same deceitful, self-absorbed cowards back in power.


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One Response to Rutherford County School Board Dodges It’s Duties..Again

  1. Jon says:

    I was just researching Aaron holloway and saw on his twitter feed a retweet of Haslam saying how tn had come too far to turn back now. This was in reference to the previous sentence that mentioned a meeting concerning “ccss”

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