The True Face of The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro

When the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro was breaking ground, it seemed the national spotlight was always a phone call away. Day after day, the centers spokesman Saleh Sbenaty made appearances showing the affect the negative feedback from the community was having. Several times Mr. Sbenaty would break down in tears showing the world how dreadful it was to be a muslim in Murfreesboro. Time after time, members of the congregation, including the imam Ossama Bahloul, would portray how they were victims throughout this ordeal. Even the twofaced Remziya Suleyman  of the American Center for Outreach would make appearances to ponder how dangerous it was for their community, and “thank god nothing happened” was her response at their opening.

Fast forward to  this week. The  oppressed trio is now showing its true colors. No longer are they worried  that the community in Murfreesboro will accept them as a peaceful” love thy neighbor” group.  They are established. They are strong. They are also no longer reluctant to announce their true intentions.

On Nov 3, The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro will be host to a series of lectures called “God’s Books”  Speakers from various organizations, including Belmont University will present ” Reading Scripture in Judaism, Christianity and Islam”


The problem with this lecture, is one of the speakers is Jamal Badawi.   Badawi is a high ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood. A terrorist, and a un indicted co conspirator in a trial that proved the Ikwhan was  funding  Hamas, another terrorist organization, but with a propensity for violence.

While its no surprise Badawi is coming to town, its a  clear signal to Murfreesboro and the state of Tennessee the leaders of this mosque are comfortable with their Muslim Brotherhood badge. No longer does Mr. Sbenaty shed tears on national television, No longer does Imam Bahloul worry what the community might think of his congregation. No longer does the self proclaimed “voice of muslims” Remziya Suleyman take a quiet approach to her working with CAIR ( council on American Islamic relations) and their thugs like Dawud Walid.

So now that they  are entrenched in Murfreesboro with a fortress big enough to conduct their business, perhaps their supporters should question their true intentions. Of all the mosques in Middle Tennessee, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has chosen to rub their supporters faces in the proverbial pile of dog doo. It’s time for the national media to come back to Murfreesboro. Its time the headlines tell the truth. Its time to admit the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is a Muslim Brotherhood front.

253939_229063380440165_3762629_n Capture


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