Where Are Remziyas Facts?

Ms. Remziya Suleyman, the self appointed voice of muslims in Middle Tennessee, needs to stop hiding behind her tweets and start debating with facts. Here is a recent tweet where she boasts “”anti muslim” groups are accusing a speaker that is coming to  the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro as being a terrorist.

remziya says LE say no red flag on Badawi

Lets get some things straight.  Jamal Badawi is a terrorist. He is a Muslim brotherhood member, and  is named as an unindicted co conspirator in a terrorism funding trial. period.

Secondly, we have provided solid documentation regarding the speaker Jamal Badawi.  These documents have evidentiary value, and oddly enough have never been disputed by any of the parties involved.  What facts have you provided to show the contrary Ms.Suleyman?  You haven’t because you not only don’t have any, none exists. The only tool you have is in your word search app on your I phone.  Words like anti Muslim, haters or islamophobe.   Is that all you got Ms. Suleyman?

You have made a statement law enforcement says no red flags on Badawi. Back up your statement Mr Suleyman.  We intend to pursue your statement and find out what law enforcement  officer and agency supposedly made this determination.

Let me also make it clear that for a community that has characterized  themselves as victims, and repeatedly states how they are discriminated against, bringing a known high ranking Muslim brotherhood member to Murfreesboro is  seriously damaging.

Ms. Suleyman, you are losing whatever credibility you may have ever had. Its funny how you haven’t tweeted Dawud Walid since you got called out about him.  Calling people names because they disagree with you shows your mentality.  No wonder organizations’ are starting to question your validity.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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