Sumner County Schools Sued By ALCU Over Christian Bias, But Not Islam.

“The pattern and practice of school-sponsored religious  activities in Sumner County is so egregious that we had no choice but to file  this lawsuit,” said Hedy Weinberg, ACLU-TN Executive Director.  No, this isn’t a statement stemming from the Hendersonville High School’s visit to a radical mosque, but rather from a lawsuit that was filed against the Sumner County School District for their Christian activities. (

In a lawsuit filed against the school district in 2010, the ACLU lambasted them for various activities reaching back to 2006  including opening of school board meetings with prayer.prayer over the loudspeaker;  and  the display of a cross on a classroom wall.

So how is it Amanda Elmore, the teacher from Hendersonville High has managed to take students to a mosque for the past 10 years?  How is it the 10 Commandments were removed from  Springfield High School in Robertson County  but the 5 pillars remained? Where is the ACLU now?   Here is one of the posters that was allowed to remain at Springfield High:


What Amanda Elmore has done for the past 10 years is atrocious. Taking students to  one of the most radical mosques in Middle Tennessee, under the guise of world studies, or “culture” should  be an offense no parent should tolerate.  The mere fact Hedy Weinberg and her ACLU have remained silent on this is just more proof they support the Islamists agenda.

Mike Conner, the parent of a student that refused to go on the filed trip was given an assignment that she believed was bias, and upon stating her belief she received a zero on the assignment. She has since be able to complete a new one, which she excelled on. Here is the assignment:

Alternative Assignment

So why aren’t these “religious” activities considered egregious by the ACLU?  I give no credit to the Hendersonville High School teacher Amanda Elmore, but I do give credit to the Sumner County School District for eliminating  field trips of this nature.

Perhaps other school districts should follow. Let all religions be represented or none.

*Note* All emails to Ms. Elmore, and Principal Joni Worsham have not been answered.

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5 Responses to Sumner County Schools Sued By ALCU Over Christian Bias, But Not Islam.

  1. ljcarolyne says:

    Maybe Ms. Elmore and Principal Worsham would answer a visit from ALL the angry parents, you think? They would answer me come hell or high water. Take action parents, it is your right. I’ve moved out of that lousy state or I would be at their door, with lot’s of very angry parents. This has got to stop! Find a way before it’s too late, remember safety in numbers. Praying for you!

  2. Kaye says:

    So, now CHRISTIANS are no “longer” protected under “FREEDOM OF RELIGION?” The ACLU is nothing more than a corrupt group, sadly they ONLY seem to ride into town on “RADICAL” issues, if it isn’t gay, lesbian, and transgender issue, OR Christianity . . . they ALL seem to turn a blind eye!!
    EVERY single one of Hendersonville’s “SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS, not to mention THIS PARTICULAR TEACHER and PRINICPAL, who are WITHOUT any “principles,” NEED TO GO…. the families living in EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE HAD BETTER GET IT TOGETHER. . . shut this HATERED of “all OTHER faiths DOWN, ” and NOW . . . TODAY would likely NOT be SOON ENOUGH!!!!

    Wake up PARENTS. . . “BE A PARENT, be LOUD and PROUD, to DEFEND YOUR CHILD. . . ” you still have a HUGE VOICE, however YOU MUST USE IT!!! So what if the ACLU threatens to sue… it’s WHAT WE PAY TAXES FOR, use it for that, SAVE OUR CHILDREN, the government STATE and now FEDERAL are DICTATING already what your children are to “BE TAUGHT,” be it fact or FICTION!!! WATCH OUT TENNESSEE. . . and never forget, the DEVIL is always in the DETAILS!!! STAND UP ON THIS ONE, or lose your children to martyrs who literally “despise” you, YOU After ALL. . . YOU ARE THE “infidel… thus, SO ARE YOUR CHILDREN!!!!”

    DEMANDS and NUMBERS can stop this MADNESS!!! If you “love” your children . . . SHOW IT NOW!!! This is outrageous, FIRE ALL THOSE WHO WERE HIRED and use the word “Mission Statement and/or PROVIDE excellence,” in conjunction with the word “EDUCATION!!!”

    Many Prayers are being LIFTED up for this madness!!

    Blessings to all INVOLVED~

    • ljcarolyne says:

      Great Comment Kaye!

      Even though this has been going on for sometime behind everyone’s back, no time like the present to take action. Make a difference parents, God is able to do exceeding above what we ask or think according to the power that works in you. Resurrection Power is Christ in us the hope of Glory. Pay attention, stay alert . . . . this ACLU & CAIR is as evil as Hell itself, among other things. All of us know what that is by now, or should.

      • Kaye says:

        Oh yes . . . ANY parent or even grandparent that hasn’t LEARNED OF THIS HAD TO have been living under a rock, absolutely SHOULD know what this clear is . . . “INDOCTRINATION,” by all public schools!! The ACLU & CAIR is as evil as Hell . . . that’s where “the” intentions of these… “movers,” and “shakers,” get all this trash!!

        Families of ALL children, High School, Middle School, and even Kindergarten children need to be very observant OF EVERYTHING THEY SEE these precious children are being FORCED to partake in while in those classrooms . . . this has been in America for a very long time, sad thing is that so FEW parents these days even notice. . . SHAME on them . . . whatever happened to that FAMOUS quote: “Be a Parent, NOT A PIER?” These slime bags should be dismantled by specifically” EVERY PARENT” and GRANDPARENT, in this and EVERY OTHER STATE . . . however, these EVIL groups seek to destroy . . . ESPECIALLY in Tennessee, it’s certainly liken to a brand-new NOTCH in “their belt,” since Tennessee is supposedly “in the Bible belt!!!!”

        Numbers upon numbers for entire families SHOULD BE IRATE. . . and say to heck with what these pure EVIL doers seek!!! THIS SHOULD ALSO and SADLY isn’t being “reported,” by our “liberal,” ALL OF THEM, news media!! This people are willing to sacrifice the very FABIC and FUTURE of “our CULTURE,” which “was” once all about the three Fs . . . Faith, Family, and Fun, until the devil actually threw far to many “darts,” which apparently landed directly in these people’s brain!!

        We must ALL diligently continue to PRAY for our local leaders, our state leaders, and most definitely our “national leaders,” and never STOP nor simply “give up on our most precious asset . . . “our children!!” When will folks EVER realize NO-ONE is ever “wealthy,” UNTIL . . . they have the one thing money can not buy . . . Jesus Christ?!?!?!?!!

        Please, please Lord Almighty keep these and all children safe from all the evils and harmful indoctrination of such organizations and Lord I pray you STOP our public teachers from “falling for that so beloved dollar, which is clearly the ROOT of all EVIL!”

        May the good and most Gracious Lord have mercy upon our children, teachers, and all leaders, I ask that the Lord continue to walk in front to LEAD these folks, stay constantly at their side, and he will ALWAYS have our children’s back!! AMEN…

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