Hendersonville High School Holds Field Trip To Radical Mosque

Parents and community members of Hendersonville High School, in Sumner County TN need to be outraged!  On Weds, Sept 4th 2013, World Studies teacher Amanda Elmore took her class on a filed trip to the Islamic Center of Nashville.  Students that chose not to attend this trip were given an assignment in its place.

There are 2 serious problems with this. First, the Islamic Center of Nashville is one of the most radical mosques in Tennessee, Why would a teacher feel it acceptable to take her class to an institution she apparently did no research on? Here are a few facts about this mosque:

Abdulhakim Mujahid Mohammed , better known as Carlos Bledsoe attended  and was radicalized at this mosque. Bledsoe was responsible for the death of Army Sgt Andy Long at an Arkansas recruiting station in 2009  when he opened fire killing one soldier and wounding another. Bledsoe plead guilty to the charges stating it wasn’t murder but rather :retaliation” Bledsoe even went so far as to change his name to the Imam from the mosque that radicalized him.

From 2002-2004, Abdulhakim Mohammed served as the Imam of the ICN as well as the Education Director for Olive Tree Education.  He is featured in the “Losing Our Sons” video:

Regarding the U.S. he said, “This country will not be the richest country on earth because it is the worst country on earth.”

Regarding Christians he said, “Christians have lost much of their basics and tenets of faith.  The truth of Christianity was lost at its earliest stages.”    “Tomorrow they’ll celebrate Christmas assuming that Christ is a god or son of god.  There is no greater lie than this.  The greatest lie of all time.”

Regarding Jews he said, “Jews believe that everyone created on the face of the earth was only created for their service.  They became as vicious as the Pharoah throughout history til today.  The true evil today is the existence of one state [Israel].”   “Aren’t we this near for a mass battle and war against the Jews?  Aren’t they gathering themselves in Palestine?”

ICN’s recently departed  Imam Mohammed Ahmed  told attendees at the June 2011 meeting of the Religion Communicators Council  he defended the Egyptian police forced virginity tests performed on female protesters in Tahrir Square.  The imam explained:

“Why? It’s a very interesting fact that the police giving you a heads up, ‘oh, those people are not virgin’.  That’s mean they are not good people”.

The imam also talked about honor killings and confirmed that they do occur throughout the Muslim world and even suggested that they used to occur in the U.S. but no longer because of how “crazy our moral ethics have become.”As

As if this trip wasn’t bad enough, Korans were given to each student, but they did have a choice to decline.

The second part of this story is regarding the assignment given to the students that remained behind. This post to follow next

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32 Responses to Hendersonville High School Holds Field Trip To Radical Mosque

  1. usar4me says:

    Try handing out a Bible to everyone in that class and see what happens… this is absolutely horrible and the State Board of Education needs to intervene to discipline the local board, school administration, and teacher for supporting such a blatant religious activity.

    Or, schedule a visit to a local Christian church and while there allow the pastor to offer each student a Bible and invitation to attend services.

    • Duston Barto says:

      Interesting that you say that; the Gideons visit the local schools here and give out copies of the bible to every student.

  2. Cheezeaza the Developer says:

    Calm down idiots. This is not what happened and do you really want to take away money from an already under budget school? You will be ruining your own child’s education and affecting everyone else’s. Ironically, this comment will probably be deleted by you.

    • ch565 says:

      So sharp guy, what might your version be? I dont delete comments like this because I believe in free speech, plus your comment is so filled with ignorance and stupidity I cant help but keep it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Christians its time to stand & demand they reciprocate with Christian indoctrination & passing out Bibles to the same students or else follow up with a lawsuit.

  4. Brenda Baggett says:

    It’s time for Christians to stand up & demand they reciprocate & allow these same students to here another religion & pass out Bibles. If not, then follow up with a lawsuit.

  5. Cynthia says:

    Reblogged this on Cynthia Speaks.

  6. mcassini says:

    A more educational endeavor would be a field trip to Malmo, Sweden. Let the students talk to some of the rape, assault, gang beating vicims of the 25% Muslim population wreaking havoc on the city. Let them talk to the local Jewish citizens who fear be beaten in the streets if they wear a yarmulke. Let Ms Elmore stroll the streets alone at night as a social experiment.

  7. joe smith says:

    Same school system that recently settled this: http://www.aclu-tn.org/release120711.html

  8. kay says:

    To all you people saying this is “absurd”,please take a step back.I was on that field trip,and no one attempted to give us a Koran,they were left on a table and if you liked you could get one. And how odd is it that wr also went to a Hindu temple thaf day but there is nothing said about.hmm seems somewhat unjust if you ask me.

    • ann says:

      Do the people at the Hindu Temple hate the US & Christians the way the leader of the Nashville Mosque does? You obviously are not paying attention to the things he has said.

      That’s what the concern is about. You need to open your eyes!

    • Anonymous says:

      I was also on the field trip and completely agree with this person.

    • Fiery says:

      Thank you, Kay, for being a voice of reason in the darkness. If this thread was any indication of any type of tolerance, G*d help us all. Especially from people like Titan. Really? Where do you all live?!

  9. Titan Thomas says:

    Hey Kay . . . You say that you also went to a Hindu temple that day and nothing is being said. Do you know why that is? It’s because Hindus aren’t hell-bent on wiping out the Western World, and especially the United States. Hindus aren’t killing people, beheading people, etc. Hindus aren’t flying planes into NY skyscrapers. Hindus aren’t blowing up themselves and everyone around them.

    And yet MUSLIMS are doing ALL of the things I stated in the previous paragraph. Need I say more?

    While the teacher certainly had good intentions, he/she should have used better judgement. Taking a class to a Muslim mosque, in this day and age, is a BAD idea. That’s because the mosques located here in the U.S. are used to RADICALIZE the attendees. Furthermore, much of the money funneled into the mosques is then siphoned off to support terrorism. That’s an irrefutable FACT. Better to STAY AWAY from mosques.

  10. ljcarolyne says:

    Tennessee is a hot bed for these corrupted gene pool Muslims. Why? Tennesseans are tolerant, of this crap, plus Obama the Godless Muslim in the WH is behind it all. He says: “The sweetest sound on Earth is the Muslim call to prayer at sunset.” Google it. This is a crime on our Students. . . parents must put a stop to this, now. Those evil Korans should be burned.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Think. We were learning not converting. Tell me why learning is bad??

    • Titan Thomas says:

      Hey Anonymous . . . you say “we were learning” leaving me to assume that you, too, were on the student field trip to the mosque.

      No one is saying “learning is bad”. Learning isn’t bad; learning is good. But learning isn’t the issue.

      The issue is that the mosque the students visited is perhaps the most radical in all of Tennessee. The issue is that Islam is not a “kind and gentle” religion; it is a religion that allows killing, maiming, raping, and more; it is a religion whose creed is to destroy all Christians worldwide.

      You can learn everything there is to know about Islam, radical Islam, Muslims, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. without ever stepping foot inside a mosque.

    • Logo says:

      Anonymous. I don’t believe you were on that field trip. Rather, I believe you are a muslim or affiliated with the school, posing as a student and trying to make islam look good. You won’t succeed.

      • ljcarolyne says:

        How true, and you are right – these Godless Muslims will not succeed. Neither will their leader, Hussein – the devil from Hell.

  12. Titan Thomas says:

    My friend’s daughter was on the field trip to the mosque. She has said she doesn’t know what the big deal is all about. So my friend talked with his daughter. He told her what horrible atrocities Muslims are doing to people. He said he was very graphic. He told her about some of their terrorist activities. He told her about their wanting to rid the world of all infidels (anyone who is not a Muslim).Told her how Muslims have infiltrated countries such as Great Britain, Sweden, France, and what is happening in those countries as a result.

    Then he asked her this question: “Has the teacher told you any of this? Is any of this in the textbook? Was any of this discussed during your visit to the mosque?”

    The daughter’s answer was “No.” And THAT’S the problem. Throughout the United States, students in “cultural” and “religion” classes are NOT being taught the truth about Islam.

    My friend said that in hindsight, he and his wife should have been more involved, and should have not allowed the daughter to go on the field trip to the mosque. He said this has been a good lesson for all, that as parents they must be more actively involved with their child’s education.

    • Fiery says:

      Uh ok, so a know-nothing parent is now indoctrinating his daughter that all Islam is bad. That’s the problem. I really, really hope that his daughter is smart enough to go read a different book and know that Christianity had its dark days too.

      A religious studies class is not about teaching how Muslims are terrorists. Not all terrorists are Muslim and not all Muslims are terrorists.

      This ignorance is the saddest part of this whole story. It’s an elective class, and the daughter in the story was too lazy to do the work. And ignorance reigns supreme. Face palm.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am the parent (Mike Conner) of the child in question. When information provided by a teacher is not equally balanced or factual, that is called “indoctrination.” When the information is equally balanced and factual, that gives the student the ability to make his/her own decision and be able to compare and contrast. Why is that so difficult to understand? The non-factual information that was provided could have been any of the 5 major religions, it just so happened to be Islam, wonder why? The information provided by Amanda Elmore was proven to be non-factual.

        We feel the need to make this perfectly clear, yet again. We have no problem with the discussion of the 5 major religions or field trips as long as all 5 are discussed factually and fairly, and all 5 religious venues be equally represented, unfortunately that was not the case at HHS.

        Please for those who post, make sure you understand the facts of the story you are posting about, it only makes you look ignorant or maybe you have an agenda as well.

  13. ljcarolyne says:

    I was asked to go to this Mosque and take pictures of a business in the back, where they were (are) laundering money and God knows what else! Then what do you know, the investigation was quickly called off. (plea Bargain) as usual. VIDEO: CHILD MARRIAGE, SHARIAH BEATINGS IN AL FAROOQ … http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2009/04/videochild-marriage-shariah-beatings-in-mosque-in-nashville-tennessee-.html – 238k – Cached – Similar pages Apr 9, 2009 … UPDATE: AUDIO VIDEOS: There is a first-hand undercover investigation being done in Al-Farooq mosque in Nashville, TN. What has been …
    Now I ask you – do you want your child going to this place? It is so nasty – outside is filthy, so what pray tell does the inside look like? My husband and I know this first hand.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What ever happened to separation of church and state. If they cannot open classes with the pledge of allegiance what makes them think that this trip would be appropriate?

    • ljcarolyne says:

      ‘The information provided by Amanda Elmore was proven to be non-factual.’ I’m sure, so what else is new! I posted this on Wizbang, Lady Patriots, Fox Insider, and all my friends.
      You know what they say: “Your secret is safe with me and all my friends.”

  15. jack white says:

    You people don’t have any reason at all to criticize our school. Would you want your Muslim children to take a field trip to a Christian church..? It’s not racisit, but reasonable to not want to go to a church that’s unknown.

    • ljcarolyne says:


  16. ljcarolyne says:

    This is my comment and it will stay my comment to my dying day:
    We better not see one ugly rag head peep out from under a rock, we’ll SHOOT IT FOR A SNAKE.

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